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Monday, December 13, 2010

Kendy's wedding


Alright, so this post will be about my cousin's (Kendy) wedding.
It was held in Batam (Indonesia) btw.







On the way there..
I'm not sure what does this called. Singapore doesn't have this.

In the hotel room.

Rii (Sorry I'm not sure what her real name is LOL)

Jennyfer (Not Jennifer, I never spell it wrong :X)


Thomas and Jeffrey

See that flower? The obviously-fake-flower-that-they-asked-us-to-wear. Haha



Karaoke session after wedding. (:

That's all I have for the wedding. Not much pictures taken.

Below are other pictures taken in Batam.
On our way to somewhere (:

I look like shit here.

So cute! Haha

The contrast in skin color HAHA
LTR: Mine, Jeffrey, Firman.

See those cash in my pocket? :X *shows off* LOLOL

Tired eyes!

The lighting sucks here.
Jennyfer and her brother

Firman. He became so fat! 发福了 LOL

Fresh Tea!
This is very very very nice!
Too bad they don't sell it in Singapore )':

5 people drinking 8 bottles of Fresh Tea! (in the picture)
We ordered 11-12 bottles in total :X

This photo is a bit blur but look at Jackson's face! So cute! LOL.
Jackson is the smallest kid in the photo.

That restaurant sells nice food! The ayam penyet they sell is very nice and it's cheap :D

Short post to summarize things up.

Day 1.
Woke up early in the morning to prepare and met up with Sandra, Yongshen, Uncle and Aunt with my dad at Habourfront.
Took the 12pm train because the earlier ones are all fully booked -_-

Went to Kendy's house first and then to Jennyfer's house to slack.
Around evening, all the kids went to check into the hotel and prepare for the wedding.
After the wedding, we went out to have ayam sambal in the morning (2-3am) :P and went back to the hotel after that.

Day 2.
Checked out of the hotel, went back to Jennyfer's house.
All of them went back to Singapore except Jeffrey and I because we wanted to stay for 1 more day.
Went out with Firman, Jennyfer and Jackson.
Had lots of fun! :D

Day 3.
Prepared and went out to some shopping mall near the place where we go to take the ferry.
Shopped for some stuff and went back to Singapore!


It would have been more fun if some of them are able to stay for a few more days ):

That's about it.



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