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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Field Trip to Sentosa with E26R !


Not much makeup on that day + no contact lens = small eyes~

Tiffany baked cupcakes for us! So sweet! (:

Last week, we went on a field trip to Sentosa with my classmates.
It was for a module that we took.

For that day, we just need to go around taking pictures.
I thought it'll be quite slack but I was wrong!!!!
We need to walk to a lot of places and take pictures under the blazing hot sun!

It was such a torturing day ):

After that, we had a class picnic while some of them left.
After picnic, we played a few games with my classmate's ex-classmate.

It was not fun at all seriously!
But whatever~ Hahaha

After the game, Tiffany and I went to look for Xiaping, Sihui and Sinyee for some karaoke session :D
We went for dinner at Ding Tai Feng and went home after that (:

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