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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie with Haru Haru peeps!


Pictures not in sequence (:
Ok this post is a little outdated but please bear with me :P



Chenern, Alex and I

Valerie and Jin

Ok please ignore the stupid lighting, my face like pinkish/reddish.
Used CE's phone to try out the beauty shot application to make the face flawless and I look plastic -_-
My camera's beauty shot is better HAHA

Last Wednesday, I met up with Chenern and went to wait for Zacson to come.
He took super super extremely long to come and we went over to Cineleisure for dinner at Pastamania and wait for others to come.

Alex and Valerie came later and we went to walk around for awhile before Alex and Chenern left for their dance classes.
Then we waited for Jin to come.

We walked around town till their dance class end.
After that we wanted to play L4D2 at scape but it was full so we went to watch movie instead.
We watch the Harry Potter.

I will not rate the movie as I don't watch Harry Potter but I think Dobby is very cute. Haha.

After the movie, we went home (:

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