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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MMK Halloween Pictures!


This post will be full of pictures :P
Photos are not in sequence

Let's start off with me with bunny ears :P

Me with devil horns and Hitomi-senpai !

Guess who is she?
Miyu-chan! She wore moe's jigoku shoujo wig.

Tomomi fuku bucho and Yoshimi seito kaicho

Moe, Feru (with ANBU mask) and me

Who is she?! She's Feru-chan! :D

Feru and her bleeding leg!
The wound is real btw, the blood is fake.

Haha act cute!

Riiyo, me and Hitomi

Random picture while preparing for halloween makeup.

The butler's make up in process.





His eyes got swollen so he could on take one side of his face =\



Jim pehpeh, birthday boy!

His fans might be jealous to see this. HAHAHAHA

Alright, presenting to you our special guest.

This made us laugh really hard!
Guess who is this?

It's Akira !
We wanted to see him wear a wig so he wore it.
He's quite brave.

That day we had also celebrated Jim and Shawn's birthday in advance!

There's someone behind Jim!
That's Jim on the left and Shawn on the right.(((゜д゜;)))

Moe and Jim's present (done by Miyu). So cute right?

MMK Girls with Jim!


Random photos.

MacDonald's for dinner! Hehehehe.

Bloody sword. Haha

Pictures with the K-ON girls.
They'll be at AFA X too. ^^

So yup, just a short post.
Last Sunday was the second MMK training.
The K-ON girls came for awhile and we get to know a little about each other.

After the training, we went to the washroom to do some Halloween makeup.
When we're done, Lyana and the butlers came.
So we slack around, took pictures ate lunch and celebrate Jim and Shawn's birthday.

I had lots of fun that day! ^^
Kinda glad that I'm part of the MMK because I get to know so many nice people.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Bye people!

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