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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Converse Runway + AR Butlers = Fun day!


Please wait for a few minutes for it to load. Hehe

Just a short post before I start to blog about last Saturday.

3 more days to AFA X!

I'll be working at Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe at AFA X.
Do drop by if you have the time ^^


Pictures taken from a few people as my camera died halfway.
I forgot to charge it -_-

Alright so last Saturday I went for a Converse Runway at Suntec.
It's a competition.

Starting off with makeup and hair (:

Makeup and hair done (although my hair still need some touch up).
The makeup artist done smokey eyes for me.

FOTD. The lighting makes it hard to see my eye makeup

Took some pictures while waiting..

Jacqueline (:

Cheryl and Jacqueline.
One look hip hop the other look punk :X


My partner for the competition, Gordon

Jacqueline, me and Chenern

With shades. Haha because the jacket not match :X




Cheryl, Ezza, me and Jacqueline

Free advertising. HAHA

All the contestants. Group shot. (:

The AR guys came to look for us
Lunch at Taiwan Cafe
L to R: Jin, me, Chenern, Gordon, Alex, Andrea, Akira and Hiroshi

Jin. Neko~ HAHA

Meido and Butlers
Jin, Akira, Rina and Hiroshi

Neko again HAHA
Oh by the way, just in case you did not read the small text
on my previous post about shooting a drama thingy,

It's fake. HAHAHA

I smile so fake.


We sit anywhere.

Ending off with...
I like this photo! It's super nice!
L to R: Akira, Hiroshi, Jin, Andrea, CE, Gordon, me, Alex and Fiona

Konnichiwa :D
As mentioned earlier, last Saturday I went for a converse competition
CE won! Omg :X

I get to know a few new friends.

After the event, we went to Taiwan cafe and Akira and Hiroshi came along too.
Alex and Jin came awhile later.
We had dinner there and went back to Suntec, Teenage Day Out event to look around and took some pictures over there.
We saw the K-ON girls there too.

Then we went to some place to slack, chatted and took pictures again.
After that we went for supper at Yoshinoya and headed home after that.

It was a really really fun day and the people are all so funny, especially when we're talking about certain topics at Yoshinoya and in the train.
We all couldn't stop laugh. HAHAHAH

Ok that's it.


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