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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie with Haru Haru peeps!


Pictures not in sequence (:
Ok this post is a little outdated but please bear with me :P



Chenern, Alex and I

Valerie and Jin

Ok please ignore the stupid lighting, my face like pinkish/reddish.
Used CE's phone to try out the beauty shot application to make the face flawless and I look plastic -_-
My camera's beauty shot is better HAHA

Last Wednesday, I met up with Chenern and went to wait for Zacson to come.
He took super super extremely long to come and we went over to Cineleisure for dinner at Pastamania and wait for others to come.

Alex and Valerie came later and we went to walk around for awhile before Alex and Chenern left for their dance classes.
Then we waited for Jin to come.

We walked around town till their dance class end.
After that we wanted to play L4D2 at scape but it was full so we went to watch movie instead.
We watch the Harry Potter.

I will not rate the movie as I don't watch Harry Potter but I think Dobby is very cute. Haha.

After the movie, we went home (:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back from Batam!

Hello people!

Hehehe I'm back from Batam!
I shall blog about it when I transfer the pictures to my laptop.

That's it for now.

Bye! ^^

Thursday, November 25, 2010

AFA X MMK AR SOZO Pool Side Party!

Hello :D

Peace ^_^V
I look damn tired here.

Trying to zilian with Yutaki's camera. HAHA

Group photo! (:

Last Friday, Akira came to school to pick Hiroshi, Riiyo and I up and Yutaki at Causeway to go the BBQ party together.
It was held at Shawn's place.

We reached quite early as most of the other MMK girls and AR guys are not there yet.
So we went there, chatted, went to dip our legs into the swimming pool while some of them went to swim.

After that we left at around midnight (forgot what time).
Hiroshi, Haru, Akira, Miyu and I went to dhoby ghaut to play L4D2 :P
We played the 8 players one.
So Hiroshi and I grouped together while Miyu, Haru and Akira grouped together.

In the end Hiroshi and I won! Hehehe :P

After that Akira drove Miyu, Hiroshi and I home. Arigato! :P

I find that nowadays I'm quite active in blogging. Haha. :P

So yup, that's it.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Webcam with Brian


Here's some overdue pictures.

Webcam with Brian!
It's not my webcam lousy:X
I've changed the effect to some alien color.



Smile :D

Till then..


Monday, November 22, 2010



Just a short post :P

Pictures gotten from some of them as I did not bring my camera with me :P

Lousy camera phone quality

Yummy yummy! *drools*

Andrea and I

I don't know why my thighs look so skinny here LOL

Where he looking?


Trying out the heels (:

Basketball :D

Last Tuesday, I met up with Andrea, Chenern, Zacson and Jin at Cineleisure.
We first had lunch at Hong Kong Cafe.
We saw Alex and he came with us for awhile before he left to find his friends.

After lunch, we went to accompany Andrea to get her shoes because her wedges broke :X
After that we went to the arcade at scape for some basketball and then L4D2.

That was the first time I played with friends, and I was super fun :X
Jin was like so pro and I was always the last -_-

I can't remember what time we played till and we went home after that. Haha.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

AFA X pictures!


My photobucket bandwidth have exceeded again. FML
Stupid photobucket.

I know it's a little late but,
Here's the photos taken during AFA X! :D

AFA X Day 0

Pictures :D

Neko !

AFA X Day 1 & 2.
Not in sequence!

Rina and Rina :D

Me in uniform :P



Omurice, drawn by Jim!

Supper with Chenern, Alex and Gordon at Hong Kong Cafe!

Otsukaresama deshita!

Alodia! She looks like a barbie doll!

A picture with May'n ^^

Ok it's so unglam.


Aira! So pretty!


I'll start with AFA X Day 0 (12 November)
I went for training straight after my lesson and met them at the cafe.
It was very hot inside as they did not turn on the air-con. =.-

We were suppose to have training/rehearsal before the actual day but we did not have the time to do it because Yoshimi was busy with some stuff.
After taking some pictures in the cafe, some of us went over to Far east.

Moe and I went to do manicure while Miyu accompanied Feru to buy some stuff.
We met after that and rush over to catch AKB48 concert.

After the concert, we went back to do some stuff before we left.

AFA X Day 1
I went there and there was quite a lot of people queuing outside.
We went to get ready and opened the cafe.
A lot of people came to our cafe! :D

It was quite fun but tiring though because the shoe is a little uncomfortable after wearing for quite some time.
After the event, we waited in the cafe for a while before we can check into the hotel.
I went off to meet Chenern, Alex and Gordon for supper.
We ate at Hong Kong Cafe.
After that I hurried to hotel to meet them and checked in.

AFA X Day 2.
Akira called me early in the morning and woke me up from my sleep! ):
They woke up so early and went to eat breakfast. I wonder if they even get tired.

I was soooo tired that day because I slept at 2am the day before.
Feru and I went to get ready and we took a cab down to Suntec.

I was like half-dead when I was working. Haha.
Sorry if I look sleepy in the pictures (for those who took pictures with me =\)

After the event, we went to watch I love Anisong concert.
We're lucky enough to be able to go straight to the front to watch it. Hehe :P

The concert was awesome! XD
After the concert, we went for an after-party celebration at Dhoby Ghaut.
It was super super super fun.
At first we don't really know each other but we managed to talk to those people.
It was a little hard though because we couldn't understand Japanese (maybe a little) so it's quite hard to communicate.

I want to take up Japanese classes! (:

After the party, Miyu, Hiroshi and I took a cab home :D

I was quite glad that I was able to be part of the MMK.
I got to know many nice people and it was fun hanging out with them.

I hope there that would be AFA again next year!
*Prays hard!!!!* >.<

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Alright here's a photo for now.

I took a picture with SCANDAL

I'll post up the pictures real soon but not today because I'm having Financial Accounting test tomorrow.
Gonna study for it! >.<


Monday, November 15, 2010



AFA X was awesome!!!! ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ
I managed to take pictures with SCANDAL, Kaname, Alodia, Aira and May'n

Happy happy~ (//▽//)

Will be blogging after I've edited the pictures.
Seriously I look damn horrible in some of it ):


Ja na~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Converse Runway + AR Butlers = Fun day!


Please wait for a few minutes for it to load. Hehe

Just a short post before I start to blog about last Saturday.

3 more days to AFA X!

I'll be working at Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe at AFA X.
Do drop by if you have the time ^^


Pictures taken from a few people as my camera died halfway.
I forgot to charge it -_-

Alright so last Saturday I went for a Converse Runway at Suntec.
It's a competition.

Starting off with makeup and hair (:

Makeup and hair done (although my hair still need some touch up).
The makeup artist done smokey eyes for me.

FOTD. The lighting makes it hard to see my eye makeup

Took some pictures while waiting..

Jacqueline (:

Cheryl and Jacqueline.
One look hip hop the other look punk :X


My partner for the competition, Gordon

Jacqueline, me and Chenern

With shades. Haha because the jacket not match :X




Cheryl, Ezza, me and Jacqueline

Free advertising. HAHA

All the contestants. Group shot. (:

The AR guys came to look for us
Lunch at Taiwan Cafe
L to R: Jin, me, Chenern, Gordon, Alex, Andrea, Akira and Hiroshi

Jin. Neko~ HAHA

Meido and Butlers
Jin, Akira, Rina and Hiroshi

Neko again HAHA
Oh by the way, just in case you did not read the small text
on my previous post about shooting a drama thingy,

It's fake. HAHAHA

I smile so fake.


We sit anywhere.

Ending off with...
I like this photo! It's super nice!
L to R: Akira, Hiroshi, Jin, Andrea, CE, Gordon, me, Alex and Fiona

Konnichiwa :D
As mentioned earlier, last Saturday I went for a converse competition
CE won! Omg :X

I get to know a few new friends.

After the event, we went to Taiwan cafe and Akira and Hiroshi came along too.
Alex and Jin came awhile later.
We had dinner there and went back to Suntec, Teenage Day Out event to look around and took some pictures over there.
We saw the K-ON girls there too.

Then we went to some place to slack, chatted and took pictures again.
After that we went for supper at Yoshinoya and headed home after that.

It was a really really fun day and the people are all so funny, especially when we're talking about certain topics at Yoshinoya and in the train.
We all couldn't stop laugh. HAHAHAH

Ok that's it.