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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pictures from F1, Shopping with Jennyfer


I just found some pictures I've took while I was working at Fairmont Hotel. ^^
Pictures are taken from my phone so the quality is not so good.
This is my uniform =\

The scenery from 26th floor ^^

From 13th floor

The toilet from one of the suite at 26th floor.
It's freaking huge!!




She's so shy.

Few days ago, I went out with Jennyfer to Bugis to get some stuff.
It's been quite a while since I went out with her.
Just in case you do not know who is she, she is my cousin ^^

I met up with her in the train to Bugis and we went for lunch at Mos Burger.
After that, we went to get her stuff but the shop is closed.
So we went over to Bugis Street to walk around.

I wanted to get some wedges but I got some clothes instead =\
At around 9pm+, we decided to go home because I did not bring enough cash with me and the atm is sooooo far -_-

So, till here.


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