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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday to Wednesday


These's pictures was taken pretty long ago actually because I just found it yesterday -.-
ok I didn't realize that my sleeve got folded.


Ok so here's a summarized post on what I did these few days :P

I went to school as usual with Peiting and met up with her after school.
We went for lunch at The Reel Room (in RP) and went to meet up with Joey to watch Paranormal Activity 2.
The movie kinda suck so I strongly recommend you NOT to watch the movie.
If you're really interested in watching, wait till you can find from the internet and watch it online.
The scene in the trailer never appear in the movie -_- like wth only.
Cheat my money )':
After the movie, we went home.

Nothing much happened.
I went to school as usual and went home after I've finished my homework.

Which is today! I took a cab to school because the bus is not coming.
I reached class and heard about RP student on TheNewPaper and they're giving out newspapers for free -.-
Today is going to be a busy day for me because later during the break I'll have to go for my diploma's briefing and after school will be scholarship briefing + casting session.
Busy busy busy.

Alright that's it.


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