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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MMK Training and Photoshoot


Rina and Yoshimi Seito Kaicho
(Taken from Miyake's blog)

Riiyo-chan, Rina, Hitomi senpai, Miyu-chan and Moe-chan.
The kouhais (us) are wearing blue blazers while senpais are wearing white blazers ^^

Alright, right now I'm blogging in school.
I'm so so so bored now, just came back from a break

The new class is quite quiet and my team mates don't really talked a lot.

Last Saturday, I went to Sozo for MMK Training.
All the girls were there and they are all quite friendly.

As for yesterday, I met up with some of the girls and Jim at Tanjong Pagar station and we walked over to the place for photoshoot.
It was quite fun :D
Moe-chan was so funny.
Jim said why we pose for Miyake-chan so nice and Moe-chan said something which made us laugh really hard!

After the photoshoot, I went for dinner together with Hitomi, Miyu, Jim and Maurice and took a train home with Miyu.

More pictures coming up soon!

See you!

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