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Friday, October 8, 2010

MMK and AR

Hello guys and girls! ^^

My skin kinda suck now

I planned to go to City Plaza to get a pair of black knee length heel boots but I did not go in the end -_-
I went to cut my fringe and trimmed my hair a little as my cousin wanted to get her fringe cut.
So after that, we decided to have dinner at Mos Burger and stayed there while she does her revision and I do my stuff.
I'm like the "tuition teacher" for a day. Hehe :P
Ok, not really a "tuition teacher" because my grades kinda suck, but whatever~
She's studying Maths and my Maths is not that bad anyway.

After studying, we wanted to watch movie, but there isn't any nice movies.
So we went home instead.


Oh btw, on one of my previous post, I said about good news.
The good news is, I got selected for the MMK Audition V^^V

Just in case you guys don't know what is MMK.
It's Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe.
It's like a normal cafe, except that the girls are dressed up as Japanese maid costume.
This year we're dressed up in Japanese uniform ^^

Do join their facebook fanpage below
(Click on the picture)

Do join the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe too! ^^

As for Atelier Royale Butler Cafe, here's a short description
Atelier Royale is a butler café (執事喫茶 shitsuji kissa), a themed restaurant with well-dressed male employees in waiter's uniform or even a tuxedo.

I'm kinda looking forward to the MMK training and photoshoot in the next 2 days!

Alright, see ya!

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