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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dell private event


I think this picture is kinda weird but whatever~
I've no pictures to post.
(I know there's a barney there)

It's Saturday today, and I can finally relax.
This week is the most tiring week because I don't have enough sleep and I can't take naps in the afternoon -_-
Alright, so yesterday I went for work straight after school.
I was really really late omfgzxzx =\
But thank god the event have not started.

Aki and Angela was working with me yesterday, they're quite friendly.
We ended work at around 10.30pm and it was quite horrible because I had to stand all the way for hours and hold the super heavy trays ):

But whatever~ it's already over :P
So ya, now I'll need to do my RJ -.-
My facilitators (for Financial Accounting) don't want to extend the deadline for RJ and asked me to send him by email.
I'm not sure if I will be penalized for submitting late.

Wth lo, other facilitators said that they'll extend the RJ deadline if we're working on that day but not him and the module is soooooo difficult.
I hope that it doesn't pull down my overall GPA for this semester.

I'm still aiming to get 3.5GPA and above D:


So cute! LOL.
(Source: Tumblr)

Till then.


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