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Friday, October 29, 2010

Malware detected


Ok, I just realized that there's malware detected in my blog -.-
I went to check and found out that it's my music so I went to remove it.

So ya, no music in my blog for now.
Maybe I'll try again some time later.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday to Wednesday


These's pictures was taken pretty long ago actually because I just found it yesterday -.-
ok I didn't realize that my sleeve got folded.


Ok so here's a summarized post on what I did these few days :P

I went to school as usual with Peiting and met up with her after school.
We went for lunch at The Reel Room (in RP) and went to meet up with Joey to watch Paranormal Activity 2.
The movie kinda suck so I strongly recommend you NOT to watch the movie.
If you're really interested in watching, wait till you can find from the internet and watch it online.
The scene in the trailer never appear in the movie -_- like wth only.
Cheat my money )':
After the movie, we went home.

Nothing much happened.
I went to school as usual and went home after I've finished my homework.

Which is today! I took a cab to school because the bus is not coming.
I reached class and heard about RP student on TheNewPaper and they're giving out newspapers for free -.-
Today is going to be a busy day for me because later during the break I'll have to go for my diploma's briefing and after school will be scholarship briefing + casting session.
Busy busy busy.

Alright that's it.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

School Girl Cafe


Do check out Danny Choo's blog post on the MMK School Girl Cafe ^^
Some of the photoshoot pictures are included!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dell private event


I think this picture is kinda weird but whatever~
I've no pictures to post.
(I know there's a barney there)

It's Saturday today, and I can finally relax.
This week is the most tiring week because I don't have enough sleep and I can't take naps in the afternoon -_-
Alright, so yesterday I went for work straight after school.
I was really really late omfgzxzx =\
But thank god the event have not started.

Aki and Angela was working with me yesterday, they're quite friendly.
We ended work at around 10.30pm and it was quite horrible because I had to stand all the way for hours and hold the super heavy trays ):

But whatever~ it's already over :P
So ya, now I'll need to do my RJ -.-
My facilitators (for Financial Accounting) don't want to extend the deadline for RJ and asked me to send him by email.
I'm not sure if I will be penalized for submitting late.

Wth lo, other facilitators said that they'll extend the RJ deadline if we're working on that day but not him and the module is soooooo difficult.
I hope that it doesn't pull down my overall GPA for this semester.

I'm still aiming to get 3.5GPA and above D:


So cute! LOL.
(Source: Tumblr)

Till then.


Thursday, October 21, 2010



Nothing happened much these days.
I just went to school as usual and the lessons are boring as usual~

By the way, I find these text/pictures quite meaningful (or what other word to replace idk)

It'll be a wordy post, so skip it if you want.
There's no pictures here.

I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive all the people who treated me like crap in the past.


Being a teenager is vastly overrated. We all make mistakes, we are stubborn and we couldn’t give two shits what our parents think, we hate school, we cause shit, we fight, we love, we cry, we give up on believing in a higher power. We’re all fucked up and thats the truth, we all come from dysfunctional families, because no family is perfect; we say things that we don’t mean, we yell, we scream, we get broken hearts, we get drunk, we have sex. Grades don’t mean a thing anymore, we live on quotes and music that describe our lives and most importantly we are tired. We are tired of waking up each morning and having to go to school where we see the people we hate or the people we love, we get tired of waiting for the text message that’s not going to come and we get tired of pretending we’re fine.

Haha I got this from Tumblr actually.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Butler's training


Rina, Miyu-chan, Fel-chan

Rina and Fel-chan

Rina and Hiroshi-kun

Rina and Miyu-chan

Group photo ^^
Akira-kun, Rina, Jin-kun, Miyu-chan, Haru-chan and Hiroshi-kun

These pictures are taken last Sunday.

Last Sunday was quite fun ^^
I met up with Fel in the afternoon at Orchard station to get some formal attire at Fareast.
I bought a dress, a blazer and a pair of wedges ^^

After that, we took a bus to Chinatown Point and walked over to Sozo to watched the Butler's training and meet up with Miyu.
When we reached there, the training had already ended and there were some people interview some of the butlers.

So we waited, took pictures and slacked for a while and went for dinner at Sushi Tei.
We went over to Bugis to play while some of them left.

At around 10pm+ some of us went home and some went somewhere else ^^


Monday, October 18, 2010

MMK School Days website!


Here's some more pictures during the photoshoot
Moe Moe Kyun Student Council uniform :D




Riiyo-chan and Moe-chan

Our official MMK badge.
Nice right? :P

Do check out our MMK Maid Cafe - School Days official website!

Oh, do check out the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe's official AFA X website too!

That's all for now.

Ja na~

Friday, October 15, 2010

MMK Training


Here's a picture of the MMK training

I think my pictures (those from photobucket) can be seen at the end of today.
If not I don't really know what I can do with it as I've really really a lot of pictures so it'll take forever if I were to upload one by one.

That's about it.

Ja na~~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MMK Training and Photoshoot


Rina and Yoshimi Seito Kaicho
(Taken from Miyake's blog)

Riiyo-chan, Rina, Hitomi senpai, Miyu-chan and Moe-chan.
The kouhais (us) are wearing blue blazers while senpais are wearing white blazers ^^

Alright, right now I'm blogging in school.
I'm so so so bored now, just came back from a break

The new class is quite quiet and my team mates don't really talked a lot.

Last Saturday, I went to Sozo for MMK Training.
All the girls were there and they are all quite friendly.

As for yesterday, I met up with some of the girls and Jim at Tanjong Pagar station and we walked over to the place for photoshoot.
It was quite fun :D
Moe-chan was so funny.
Jim said why we pose for Miyake-chan so nice and Moe-chan said something which made us laugh really hard!

After the photoshoot, I went for dinner together with Hitomi, Miyu, Jim and Maurice and took a train home with Miyu.

More pictures coming up soon!

See you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010



I think Ulquiorra looks damn cute here.
FYI: Ulquiorra is the guy trying to catch the balloon.

New post below,

Bye peeps!

Friday, October 8, 2010

MMK and AR

Hello guys and girls! ^^

My skin kinda suck now

I planned to go to City Plaza to get a pair of black knee length heel boots but I did not go in the end -_-
I went to cut my fringe and trimmed my hair a little as my cousin wanted to get her fringe cut.
So after that, we decided to have dinner at Mos Burger and stayed there while she does her revision and I do my stuff.
I'm like the "tuition teacher" for a day. Hehe :P
Ok, not really a "tuition teacher" because my grades kinda suck, but whatever~
She's studying Maths and my Maths is not that bad anyway.

After studying, we wanted to watch movie, but there isn't any nice movies.
So we went home instead.


Oh btw, on one of my previous post, I said about good news.
The good news is, I got selected for the MMK Audition V^^V

Just in case you guys don't know what is MMK.
It's Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe.
It's like a normal cafe, except that the girls are dressed up as Japanese maid costume.
This year we're dressed up in Japanese uniform ^^

Do join their facebook fanpage below
(Click on the picture)

Do join the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe too! ^^

As for Atelier Royale Butler Cafe, here's a short description
Atelier Royale is a butler café (執事喫茶 shitsuji kissa), a themed restaurant with well-dressed male employees in waiter's uniform or even a tuxedo.

I'm kinda looking forward to the MMK training and photoshoot in the next 2 days!

Alright, see ya!

Monday, October 4, 2010


This is super horrible!

My Photobucket bandwidth have exceeded and they'll disabled my pictures till the 15th of this month -_-

So the pictures can only be view by the 15th )':
But the new post will not be affected because I've created a new photobucket account.


Do help me click on the Nuffnang advertisements!

Oh, and I've put up a comment box on the bottom right on each post.
Feel free to leave a comment :D

Bye people ^^

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pictures from F1, Shopping with Jennyfer


I just found some pictures I've took while I was working at Fairmont Hotel. ^^
Pictures are taken from my phone so the quality is not so good.
This is my uniform =\

The scenery from 26th floor ^^

From 13th floor

The toilet from one of the suite at 26th floor.
It's freaking huge!!




She's so shy.

Few days ago, I went out with Jennyfer to Bugis to get some stuff.
It's been quite a while since I went out with her.
Just in case you do not know who is she, she is my cousin ^^

I met up with her in the train to Bugis and we went for lunch at Mos Burger.
After that, we went to get her stuff but the shop is closed.
So we went over to Bugis Street to walk around.

I wanted to get some wedges but I got some clothes instead =\
At around 9pm+, we decided to go home because I did not bring enough cash with me and the atm is sooooo far -_-

So, till here.