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Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello everyone!

FOTD (Face of the day)
Pink eyeshadows~ :D
Please ignore the flaws ):

I'm starting to like wearing false lashes :P
Btw, that's pink lens. Doesn't look pink right?

Finally got my work done!
I'm so tired and I slept at 4am yesterday ):

I'm going to have more sleep and sleep early from now onwards if not my skin would be really horrible (like now -_-)
Recently I got very horrible breakout and my skin now is like shit~ ):

So you guys should know that I was working at Fairmont Hotel for 3 days for the F1 thingy from my previous post.
It was just super tiring and the food from their tuck shop is really !@#$%^&*
But whatever. It's over. Yay! ^^

Pictures taken from Fel-chan's macbook
Left to Right: Miyu-chan, Rina-chan (that's me^^) and Fel-chan

Pictures from my camera.
The otaku's collection~ Haha

Sorry about this blur picture, didn't notice it :X

All the figurines are so cute!

Boobies. LOL

Kisuke and Toshiro (with Yui on the right too)

Ichigo, Rukia and Kon.

Anyway, yesterday I went over to Sozo to meet up with Miyu-chan and Fel-chan.
We went over there because the butlers are having some training.
The only butlers I know are Zacson and Hellven.

One of the butler Jin looks damn thin and skinny. Omg.
So different from the photoshoot pictures.

I stayed until about 4.15pm and I left for work.
So nothing much about work here.
So ya,


Sunday, September 26, 2010

F1 collaborations with Fairmont Hotel


I've been working for the past 2 days so I'll be blogging next week.
This is the last day of work :D
I was working for Fairmont Hotel (FYI)

So yah.
So far, it's been very tiring after working and I'm like half dead.
I'm having muscle ache too ):
I don't really exercise, so you see.. I often get muscle ache when I walk or run too much :X

Alright, so I'll be heading down to Sozo with Fiera to watch the Bulters' training and going to work straight after that.

Oh, and do follow my twitter because I'll be posting more often there.
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You can follow my Tumblr too if you have an account there.

Any questions you can ask me at my formspring. (Links on the left too)

That's about it.

Bye bye! ^^

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

F1 training


Here's my new profile picture.
Nice nice nice? :P

I find that I've been staring into the camera when I'm trying to take pictures. -_-

Tried taking a picture with teeth (Not straight. I want to get braces T_T).
(I did not have 1 less teeth, it's just that the teeth is behind LOL)
Is it nice? =\

I'm so happy today :P
Hehe. Shall let you know next time.

Anyway, I went for training for the F1 collaboration thingy at Fairmont Hotel.
It was a job from the school.
Pay is not high though, but for the sake of the resume to look good. Haha
We were brought to one of the hotel suite to take a look.

The view is quite nice as we can see almost the whole F1 track and the price for booking the hotel is super expensive!
The largest suite cost about thirty thousand for 3 days. Omg!

I will be working at Fairmont Hotel for all 3 days if I'm not wrong.
Hope that I do not get into a trouble and I can have fun for all 3 days.
It would be good if I can get a glimpse of the F1 racing. HAHA

After the training, I went to meet my mum for dinner and went home after that.

So yah.
Till here.


Monday, September 20, 2010

MMK Casting.

Hello peeps :P

Hehe, I got my fringe cut. Nice nice nice? :P

I went for the MMK casting this afternoon.
I went to the place and saw quite a few girls there too.
They are so kawaiii nehs~~~ Haha *act cute* :P
The girls are quite friendly and we chatted a little before our interview starts.

I'm not sure if I can get in or not since the girls are all so pretty.
*Prays hard* Hope that I can get selected :P

Actually I did not send in my profile because I didn't know they're looking for new meidos.
My friend who was working for the Atelier Royale Butler one (For males) sent my pictures to his "boss" (without my permission -_-) and asked me if I want to go for the casting or not.

Oh, and Hellven was also working for the Butler one.
I was quite surprised when I see his pictures on the Facebook fanpage. Haha
That's about it.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inactive blog.


It's been like so long since I last blogged.
I don't really have any pictures to post and my post are like so boring ):

Anyway, I've caught a fever and had sore throat last week during my Science exam.
It was so cold when I take the exam and I feel lethargic. -_-

I went home and took my temperature and it was 38.7 degree celsius. -____-
I stayed at home everyday except on Monday where I've my Maths exam.

So I've like nothing to talk about in my blog ):

Holidays are so boring when there's nothing much to do.
But staying at home everyday isn't that bad actually. Haha.
宅女 LOL. Nah I'm just kidding.

Alright, so that's about it.

Do check out my tumblr page too.

Bye peeps~

Monday, September 6, 2010

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn


I went to school today for a test (:
It wasn't that easy but was that difficult too. Just so-so. Haha
There would be test this whole week and next week (for 1 day) and after that would be holiday again :P

Anyway, I've done watching Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn (I'm kinda slow) from the first episode to the current one (episode 200).
I like the character Lambo.
He's so cute and stupid although a little annoying. HAHA
Oh and did you guys know the voice actress (yes a girl) for Lambo is also did the voice for Naruto in Naruto anime (when he was young)

So that's about it.