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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello people.

Long time no see post :D

First let's start off with my nails.
Aren't they sexxxayyy? XD
So prettttayyyyy

So holiday is coming!
I've been waiting for this day since 903753957293857 days ago. Exaggerating Haha.

Alright, so school is fine.
I find that once I get with a class more often, I get to know more about my classmates' attitude and behaviour.
Some may be good, while some may be bad.
Some may be straightforward, but some may be (opposite of straightforward) X:
And some may be sarcastic.

So this is when people start disliking (I wouldn't say hate since I don't wish the person to die or whatsoever) each other but of course not telling people.
Who would want waste their time quarreling?


So yup, tomorrow is the last day of school.
I think I may be skipping since I can skip 1 more lesson for that module :P
If you can skip, why not? Hehe

Oh, and do check out my tumblr (Link on the left) as I'll be posting there more often but it'll be only short posts.

Till here,


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