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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ice-skating and Casting! ^^

Hi I'm back again! :P

Ice skating!
Andrea, Jasmine, Sharmaine, Desmond, Luke and Joey

I look kinda shity here.

Alright, so as you see, I went to Kallang Leisure Park for Ice-skating last Saturday.
It's been about 7-8 months since I last skated.

Andrea is a figure skater and my classmate, so qiao~
I didn't take a photo of our skates ):

I saw Andrew, Kelvin and his friends there too, and Akira came when me and my friends were leaving. Haha

After skating, we went over to have dinner at Pastamania and Andrea left halfway.
After dinner, we went over to Clarke Quay to drink and stayed till around 2am and went home.

As for Sunday, I stayed at home the whole day to rest :P

Pictures taken on Monday

Silky Hair Commercial. HAHAHA. :X

Face of the day (FOTD)
It's kinda light and I like it :D

On Monday, I went for a Golf event casting.
There were a lot of girls there for casting, which means that the chances of me getting in is quite little.

After casting, I was supposed to go for a shoot but it's like so damn far so I went home instead.

Monopoly roadshow


I look kinda shity here so please ignore my face. Lol

Cute tail :P

Group photo ^^

Last Friday, I was working with Andrea for a Monopoly Roadshow.
It was quite tiring although it is only for 4 hours.
If we were to stand with heels, I think I would have died halfway :X

After work, we went over to New York New York for dinner at City Link.

Here are some pictures we took while having dinner

Purple lens make me look as if I'm staring -_-

Candy Floss!

After that we went over to Natas Fair at Expo and went back to Marina Square to watch a movie.
We watched "The Liar Game"
It's damn nice, although I miss the first 20 minutes of the movie. HAHA


Till here.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Cosplay casting.

Hello !

Here's the pictures taken last week.

Taken during the cosplay casting

I think her name is Sherine. (Sorry if I got it wrong :X)


My hair color looks nice here :P

Taken during Invest Fair 2010

Sharmaine and Andrea.

I'll start blogging about last week.

Last Monday, I met up with Andrea at Dhoby Ghaut for a briefing for the Invest Fair job that weekend.
After that, we went to have dinner and I went to Red dot museum for some casting.

On Tuesday, I went to Garena for a cosplay casting.
Their office looks a little like a lan shop. Haha.

So I was working at Marina Expo Hall for the Invest Fair 2010 with Andrea and Sharmaine last weekend.
It's my first time working at this kind of fair, and it's quite tiring!!
But it has finally ended, and I feel richer because we're paid immediately after work.

Yay :P

Anyway, for those girls who wants to know what makeup products I'm using you can go over to my Tumblr (Link on the left)
I did a 30-day Makeup challenge.

So that's about it.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello people.

Long time no see post :D

First let's start off with my nails.
Aren't they sexxxayyy? XD
So prettttayyyyy

So holiday is coming!
I've been waiting for this day since 903753957293857 days ago. Exaggerating Haha.

Alright, so school is fine.
I find that once I get with a class more often, I get to know more about my classmates' attitude and behaviour.
Some may be good, while some may be bad.
Some may be straightforward, but some may be (opposite of straightforward) X:
And some may be sarcastic.

So this is when people start disliking (I wouldn't say hate since I don't wish the person to die or whatsoever) each other but of course not telling people.
Who would want waste their time quarreling?


So yup, tomorrow is the last day of school.
I think I may be skipping since I can skip 1 more lesson for that module :P
If you can skip, why not? Hehe

Oh, and do check out my tumblr (Link on the left) as I'll be posting there more often but it'll be only short posts.

Till here,


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Formal presentation picture

Hello people.

So here are the picture taken during the day where we did our formal presentation (:

My fringe is so long =\ but I'm so lazy to go and cut.






Heavy eyebags -_-


Sharmaine, Siewgian, Rowell, Andrea and I.

Class photo! W46G ^^

Something extra
Hehe. I bought a new TV ^^

Alright, so that day it was quite fun because we took a lot of pictures on that day.
Everyone look so different with formal clothings