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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello people! (:

I'm in the laptop! :P

Alright. I've been working last weekend at a health fair at Suntec Convention Hall.
It's pretty slacky at work as usual and I've bought some things back from the roadshow.

There's always something to buy at the fair because the things are pretty cheap as compared to IT fair where you buy IT stuff which is much more expensive.

Anyway, cognitive UT2 is over now so tomorrow would be Organizational Behaviour (OB) UT2.
Hope that I can at least get a B+.
OB Module is the most difficult module I've taken ):
There's so many things to memorize, so many theories and definitions =\

Last week, there's a flea bazaar in my school.
Guess what? I saw Yutaki (a blogger).
I'm not sure if you guy know but he's much taller than he looks like in his pictures (He's like going 190cm) and I didn't think that he would be studying in my school too.

The flea sells a lot of cheap clothings that online blogshop usually sells but I did not managed to get anything from there. Haha
But it was fun looking around.

I think that's about it.

Will be blogging pretty soon!
I've been slacking too much recently.
I'll be blogging more often now.

I almost forgot to blog about it.
Awhile ago I've seen someone asking me a question in formspring about whether I'm plastic or not.
I've not done any plastic surgery before.
And if you think that my skin is flawless by looking at my pictures, you're wrong.
I'm not flawless and my pictures are edited. (I use beauty shot mode in my camera, it's like photoshop)
Yup, so I've not done any plastic surgery, but I wish to in future. Haha

Alright, so

Bye people ! :P

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