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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Slacking days.


Some oooooold pictures~

Slacker is back.

School life in RP is not that bad actually, except for the PBL system (Problem based learning)
It's been 12 weeks/3months since the start of school and a semester is going to end soon!

I'm really looking forward to the next holiday but I think I'll missed the food here.
Although there's no Macdonalds or KFC in RP, there are some stalls selling nice food. Thumbs up! :D

Other than food, there's air-con everywhere. Hehe.


I've been slacking lately, as you can see..
The last blog post is like a week ago.

I'm not sure what I've been doing for the past one week, except for the weekends.

For weekdays, I think I just went to school and come back home surfing the net all day.

Last weekend, I went to the school's team building program.
I wasn't really interested in going because it's like quite similar to the orientation program, and it's so boring and the weather is so damn hot.

Thanks to the weather and not many people going on the last day of the team building program because of those people being forced to go, all our activities are held indoor.
Yay! ^^

Initially, I wanted to leave early, but they said that they'll take disciplinary action even if those who attended the program and left earlier, so I end up staying.

It was quite fun and I managed to met some new people.
I found out that a girl from my team was living in the same block as me but I've never seen her before -_- (not even once)

So ya, after that I went to meet my cousin and went to Bugis to look around.
I wanted to get some shorts but in the end got a pair of wedges.

Oh, and I bought the Liese hair dye to try it out.
It stinks like shit, or I could say worst than that. But the results is pretty good.

Except for the smell part, it's really easy to dye my hair myself and the colors came out pretty evenly.
Satisfied (:

That's it.

Bye people! ^^

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