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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mosquito bites.

Hello people!

Big small eye. Haha

Today is the last day of UT for Communication Practice.
There's a few very difficult questions, but I managed to at least write down an answer.

Hope that all my UT get at least a "B" (:

Anyway, today I went to see a family doctor about my skin thingy.
I've been getting red itchy bumps on my skin for quite some time now, as it's like sooooo irritating.

So I suspect that it's bed bug bites.
At first I went to see a doctor at a local polyclinic and the doctor said that it might be dust mites or food allergy..
I've taken the medicine and it seems to work for the first 3 days and goes back again.

So today I went to my family doctor to check again.
He said that it's just mosquito bites, because if it's bed bugs, my family would get bitten too.
Thanks god it's not bed bug but just some mosquitoes.

But the medicine isn't going to solve the problem so I'll need to kill the mosquitoes to stop them from bitting me ):

I've got bitten like on my leg and arms and there's like so many scars now. So ugly )':


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