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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lose some weight!

Hello people

Please just ignore my pale hands.

So today's Organizational Behaviour Module Test is soooooo damn difficult.
I've managed to study (or should I say gone through) the topic that will be tested but there's some words that I've not seen in the module before!

A lot of people in my class agreed that the test was so difficult.
I think I might get a "C" for the test ):

Now I could just pray hard that all my MCQ answers are correct and there are at least some marks for each short answer questions.

Anyway, yesterday I went to see a doctor because of some stuff.
I don't know why should I take my BMI since I'm not going to see a doctor about weight related stuff.
It's as if I'm obese or I've high cholesterol or something like that.

But whatever.
After taking my height and weight, I realized that I've gained 2damnkg!!
Thanks to the food in my school and so many study break that we have that have resulted me in eating so many stuff in the school.

Basically, what I usually eat was.. (of course not everyday the same that's an example)
1 Malay chicken rice
1 Bubble Milk Tea
1/2 Subway cookies or 1 Mango fruit tart (or both when I can't resist the temptation HAHA)

as a meal.

Last time I used to buy Nachos instead of subway cookies or fruit tart but I think it's still a lot ):

Do you think I'm eating a lot?
I think so..
The Malay chicken rice portion is quite big, probably about 1.5 times of a normal meal.

How I wish I have a high metabolism rate. )':

Oh and I just asked a guy friend how heavy he is a guess what?
He's weight is the same as mine. What the hello.... (Haha)

He's freaking skinny!

I think I might have to diet, and hope that I can slim down at least 2kg.

Haha, and don't bother asking about my weight, it's a secret :P
But I'm not light so don't say I'm skinny or what.

Alright, that's about it for today.

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