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Saturday, May 29, 2010



I've created a formspring account recently and there's quite a few people asking me questions.
What I find it quite sad is that some of them are quite offensive.
I'm not going to write what they wrote, but I think they've nothing better to do.

What's with all those questions?
What do you get in return even if I were to reply to your questions?

The answer is...


Because it would not bring me down.
I'll just delete those questions and you'll never get to know the answer as I think that instead of swearing back it would be better not to answer the question.

Other than that, thanks for those people who commented on my formspring account. ^^
At first, I thought that I'll only have like maybe 3 - 4 questions only but it was more than what I expected.

And.. please do not ask me weird questions like "How far is the moon from my home?"
To whoever who wrote that, please find out the answers yourself (:

Anyway, I've not been blogging lately.
I don't really have any thing interesting to blog as school is taking a lot of my time.
So it's been awhile since I really went out..

Now there's 2 weeks holiday, like finally!

Alright, here's an unrelated topic.

A group photo taken in Xi an/Beijing. Can't remember.

Spot me :D:D:D:D

I don't think many people would remember this since it's super duper long ago.
It's when I was in Seconday 2, when a group of students went to Xi an for an exchange program.
(Exchange Program = People from a school visit another school of other country [vice-versa])

It was a memorable trip.
Our host took good care of us and we had lots of fun at that time.

So till here.


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