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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poly life.


Alright, so about 4 weeks have past since the first day of school.
I find that my classmates are all so nice and friendly.
Some of them are too quiet, while some of them are super hyper and funny.

I think that it was quite fun to be in that class and in that school actually.
People think that RP life is very slack but actually it isn't. -_-
I'm kinda like every weekdays in school and weekends at night.. Sooo no life~

The first test had started and I hope that I can pass well! :D
Some people said that it's easy to get a GPA of 4 for the first year, so I'm going to try my best !

Anyway, I find that the RP system is kinda stupid.
I mean for the last-comers thingyyyyyy..
Last Friday, I was late for like, a minute? Or I could say a few seconds actually.
Maybe the clock just strike 8.31 and I was marked late and a deduction of 0.5 GPA from my daily grade T_T

But whatever~ since nothing can change the fact that I'm late.

So yeah, that's all for now.

I'm going to revise for my test now.


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