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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lydia and Wani's (belated) Birthday


Today 's module was Communication Practice.
It's bored and I don't really like the module.
I prefer Mathematics.

Anyway, today is also Lydia's birthday.
Our class celebrated Lydia's birthday and also Wani's belated birthday. (:

I kinda like my class as the people are so friendly and nice. :D

Alright so pictures are below (:
Lydia and Wani

My classmates. Some of them are absent.

Edward and Arvin

Izzah and Anlene (wsp?)


Lydia, Yunhan, Tom

Eugenia, Atikah, Ignatius, Ivy, Esther

Other people



Casting pictures
Jasmine, Charmaine, Andrea

Gwen, Andrea and Sandra

Ok bye! :D

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