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Saturday, May 29, 2010



I've created a formspring account recently and there's quite a few people asking me questions.
What I find it quite sad is that some of them are quite offensive.
I'm not going to write what they wrote, but I think they've nothing better to do.

What's with all those questions?
What do you get in return even if I were to reply to your questions?

The answer is...


Because it would not bring me down.
I'll just delete those questions and you'll never get to know the answer as I think that instead of swearing back it would be better not to answer the question.

Other than that, thanks for those people who commented on my formspring account. ^^
At first, I thought that I'll only have like maybe 3 - 4 questions only but it was more than what I expected.

And.. please do not ask me weird questions like "How far is the moon from my home?"
To whoever who wrote that, please find out the answers yourself (:

Anyway, I've not been blogging lately.
I don't really have any thing interesting to blog as school is taking a lot of my time.
So it's been awhile since I really went out..

Now there's 2 weeks holiday, like finally!

Alright, here's an unrelated topic.

A group photo taken in Xi an/Beijing. Can't remember.

Spot me :D:D:D:D

I don't think many people would remember this since it's super duper long ago.
It's when I was in Seconday 2, when a group of students went to Xi an for an exchange program.
(Exchange Program = People from a school visit another school of other country [vice-versa])

It was a memorable trip.
Our host took good care of us and we had lots of fun at that time.

So till here.


Monday, May 24, 2010

The perfect boyfriend.


Cute :D

Alright, so a few weeks ago..
While I was on my way home at night, there was a guy who walked past me.

He was wearing tuxedo with a pair of matching leather black shoe.
His cologne was so strong that I could smell it when he walked past me, and it had a very nice scent.

I was thinking maybe he was going to a wedding dinner so he wore so formal.
I wanted to see how he looked like but I couldn't as he was in front of me -_-

I was thinking if I could see him again to see how he looks like.
Anyway, from his back, he was tall and had brown hair, a very neat haircut so I thought he would look quite handsome (I assumed).


Guessed what?

I saw him just now when I was on my way home in the afternoon.
He wore almost the same as the other day and he walked to the bus stop opposite where I was walking.
I couldn't see how he looked like, but I saw him smoking.
Omggggg, it gave me a bad impression of him.
I was thinking he might be the perfect boyfriend (if he was rich, but he isn't *I think* as he was waiting for the bus?) but that was really ~!@#$^%&*

But whatever..
There aren't any perfect guy in Singapore

It's just something I wanted to share..

Anyway, this afternoon, I had my Maths UT (Test).
I got stuck at one question )':
That was logarithms and I'm really weak at it.

I think I'll need to do some practice..

Till then..


Hello people!

Sorry for the messy bed.

I've set up a formspring account just for fun :X

If you guys have any questions to ask me, please go to this link.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

W46G Barbeque

Hello peeps :D

Pictures from BBQ last Friday.

Yup, so class barbeque was held last Friday.
Most of the people managed to come for the barbeque although some of them left for training or whatever~

We went there at around 4pm and the sun was freaking hot and I almost melted~

We started barbeque-ing (I know it's early -.-) and we all slacked at around 7pm.
We played true or dare and some marshmallow games and it was fun! Haha

I think I shall not post the videos up but it's up on Facebook.

So yup, signing off here.

Bye everyone!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010



I can't wait for holidays to start!

One more week.

Thinking of going on a diet.
I think I need to lose some weight.
Should I?

Class W46G Barbeque tomorrow.

See you! (:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



So today's communication practice module.
It's extremely slack today so my whole class are watching JU-ON using the projector. Haha

After school, I'll be having a test on Organizational Behaviour module.
Hope I can score well :D

Alright, so that's it.

Bye! ^^

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poly life.


Alright, so about 4 weeks have past since the first day of school.
I find that my classmates are all so nice and friendly.
Some of them are too quiet, while some of them are super hyper and funny.

I think that it was quite fun to be in that class and in that school actually.
People think that RP life is very slack but actually it isn't. -_-
I'm kinda like every weekdays in school and weekends at night.. Sooo no life~

The first test had started and I hope that I can pass well! :D
Some people said that it's easy to get a GPA of 4 for the first year, so I'm going to try my best !

Anyway, I find that the RP system is kinda stupid.
I mean for the last-comers thingyyyyyy..
Last Friday, I was late for like, a minute? Or I could say a few seconds actually.
Maybe the clock just strike 8.31 and I was marked late and a deduction of 0.5 GPA from my daily grade T_T

But whatever~ since nothing can change the fact that I'm late.

So yeah, that's all for now.

I'm going to revise for my test now.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kaichou wa maid-sama

Hello! :D

I don't really have anything to write about my life but school is taking a lot of my time.
I'm like kinda no life now, but whatever..~

Anyway, I've just watched a new anime and I find it very nice!

It's a new anime called Kaichou Wa Maid-sama.

I recommend you guys to watch it :D
Usui is damn cool in the anime and he's handsome too. Haha

So ya, that's it.

Bye all! :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures 2

Helloooo :D

Pictures, pictures, pictures..

Polaroids :D

Retarded. Hahaha

More coming up..

Bye! XD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Candid photo

Helloooo. :D

Haha I like this photo. :X

My nails are nice right? It's real btw :D


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lydia and Wani's (belated) Birthday


Today 's module was Communication Practice.
It's bored and I don't really like the module.
I prefer Mathematics.

Anyway, today is also Lydia's birthday.
Our class celebrated Lydia's birthday and also Wani's belated birthday. (:

I kinda like my class as the people are so friendly and nice. :D

Alright so pictures are below (:
Lydia and Wani

My classmates. Some of them are absent.

Edward and Arvin

Izzah and Anlene (wsp?)


Lydia, Yunhan, Tom

Eugenia, Atikah, Ignatius, Ivy, Esther

Other people



Casting pictures
Jasmine, Charmaine, Andrea

Gwen, Andrea and Sandra

Ok bye! :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Health and Beauty Fair - Suntec

Hello people!

I was working at Suntec yesterday and today for the health and beauty roadshow.
I worked for Marie France Body line with Florence and her friends and the job was very simple and slack.

While working, I went to walk around the hall.
I went to do an eye check up, did ear candle, test my spine ( it's bad ): )bought salonpas (for my dad) HAHA, bought some food, tried some food/drink samples and many many other things.
I wanted to do a blood test but they said I'm underage -.-

So now I'm back home and tomorrow I had to go to school ):
Not enough sleep.

So ya, that's it.