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Friday, April 2, 2010

Pitstop Cafe

Hello people! :D

Pitstop cafe.

So 2 days ago, I met up with a group of friends and went to Pitstop Cafe to play some games.
You must be wondering what games right?
Some of you may have gone there before..
It's actually a place for you to play board games.

There's a lot of games for you to choose from.

Those are some of the games (:

Here are some of the games that we played.

The monkeys look like chocolate :X

Smart Ass!

Our characters for Smart Ass game.

Got a dog for the first round.
(It was picked randomly)

A pig for the second round.

We had a lot of fun playing those games ! :D
After that, we went to have dinner at New York New York and caught the movie "When in Rome" at Marina Square.

After movie, we went to Anderson's Ice-cream for some desserts :D

Yummy! :P

After desserts, we went home..

Here are some other pictures taken that day..

My fingers look superrrr looooong!

Group photo.


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