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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orientation Camp

Hello people!

Alright, I've not been blogging lately because I'm so lazy to blog when I need to upload so many pictures.

Anyway, on 12th April, I went for my school's orientation camp.
The weather was damn hot that I almost melted.
SOH's home based is at the badminton court and I keep sweating -.-

Overall, the orientation camp was so-so.

On Tuesday, I did not go for orientation camp as I went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to withdraw from my course.
I looked like a fool and walk around under the hot sun trying to find the General Office for my school and when I found the place, the person said I'm should be going to another place.
Then I had to go home to take some documents and come back to give them in order to get the refund for school fees.

When I went back, it started to rain.
So I brought an umbrella and guess what?
I broke my nail because of the umbrella.
It hurts like hell, I swear, although it's not bleeding.

SEE! My poor nail! ):

After that, I went back to Batok and meet up with Joey to have dinner at Macdonalds, then I bought my notebook bag and went back home..

As for today, I went for the orientation camp and left at 1pm.
My team's OGL (Orientation Group Leader) was so kind enough to let me off early :P


Alright, I'll post up pictures some other time.


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