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Monday, March 22, 2010

Starhub Roadshow - Project Coordinator


Pictures first :P


Cammy (Sorry, I don't know how to spell her name :X)


The people I'm working together with.

My face look round, but whatever~

All brown hair.

Work has ended.
It was quite tiring actually, to stand around the whole day.
Except for that, everything was okay.

This is one of the slack-est job I've done.
All we did was to do some talking and stamping and that's it.
And money comes rolling in $_$

Oh, anyway, I was working as a project coordinator for Starhub (or maybe Sony Ericsson).
Actually I'm not sure which one actually. Haha.

Yesterday after work, Rika left super early without telling us.
Then we went to Cafe Cartel for some desserts (:

We planned to go for some drinking session this week at Kialiang's house ^^

After that, we left the place at around 11pm+ and went home..


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