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Monday, March 15, 2010



Right now I do not have any pictures to post as I'm at my friend's house.
I shall upload those pictures that I took during work at IT Fair.

Anyway, it's my first time working at IT Fair.
What I can say is.. it suck!
I'm not someone who can stand for the whole day so it's a torture man!

Many of my friends are working at the IT Fair too.
There are Jolynn Chester, Keith, Jun, Kialiang, Weeliang, Nicol, Guoxiang, Najib, Glenn, Rika, Sherwin, and some others than I can't remember..

For today, I met up with Jun, Kialiang, Weeliang and Guoxiang after work to slack at Starbucks.
We slacked and chatted till 11pm+ and went to take a bus home.
But we then realised that there was no more bus available -.-
So Jun, Kialiang and I took a cab over to Jun's house to stay overnight.

So now I'm at Jun's house blogging.

So that's it.
I shall blog again tomorrow.


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