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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Celebration.

Hello all!

Alright, I've been very lazy these few days.
I find it quite bored to blog when I have a lot of pictures to post :X
It's kinda tiring to upload the pictures up and post it onto my blog and it takes a lot of time to upload the pictures.
It's not that my computer is very slow or what, I just want the pictures to be uploaded in their original size but it'll take forever to upload.
So I changed the file size all to 1024 x 768 -.-

But whatever.. Pictures are below :D

I'll start off with pictures on 25 March

I like my lashes here :X

2 of Kialiang's alcohol collection :X

The sure win "daidi" game.

The shy people.

The cake.

Group photo.

Pictures take on 26 March

Group photo.






Another cake :D

Teriyaki Salmon :D

Now back to blogging.
Last Thursday, I met up with a group of friends for a drinking session at Kialiang's house :P
Those people were, Kristin, Cammie, Jun and Kialiang.
We first went for dinner and then went to Kialiang's house.

We played a lot of stupid games and had a lot of fun. Haha.
It's really fun going out with them.
I'll be going out with them again tomorrow (:
Anyway, I stayed till around 12am+ and my dad came to fetch me home.

On Friday, I went to meet another group of friends for my birthday celebration.
That was one of the most embarrassing moments ! >.<
I don't want to talk about it.

Dinner at Fish and Co at Jurong Point and then movie with some of them at Westmall.
We caught the movie How to train your dragon in 3D.
The dragon is super cute to the max!

After the movie, I went home.

That's it.


Monday, March 29, 2010



I'm just lazy to blog these days.
I'll be going to RP to get all my enrollment thingy done.
Yeah. I'm transferring school.
How sad )':


Saturday, March 27, 2010

A picture.


I know my hair is messy, but I kinda like this picture.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Female version of Lag Seeing.


I'm a female version of Lag Seeing.

Don't know who is Lag Seeing?
It's an anime character from the anime Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)
It's quite a nice anime so you guys should watch it when you're free ^^

Anyway, this is Lag Seeing.


Short post.


I was having some drinking session with a group of friends yesterday.
It was pretty fun :P
Hope to meet up with them soon!

Just a short post for now.
I will be uploading the pictures on the next post.

Bye all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Starhub Roadshow - Project Coordinator


Pictures first :P


Cammy (Sorry, I don't know how to spell her name :X)


The people I'm working together with.

My face look round, but whatever~

All brown hair.

Work has ended.
It was quite tiring actually, to stand around the whole day.
Except for that, everything was okay.

This is one of the slack-est job I've done.
All we did was to do some talking and stamping and that's it.
And money comes rolling in $_$

Oh, anyway, I was working as a project coordinator for Starhub (or maybe Sony Ericsson).
Actually I'm not sure which one actually. Haha.

Yesterday after work, Rika left super early without telling us.
Then we went to Cafe Cartel for some desserts (:

We planned to go for some drinking session this week at Kialiang's house ^^

After that, we left the place at around 11pm+ and went home..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Starhub Roadshow.

Align CenterHello!

I'll be working for Starhub tomorrow the whole day at Plaza Singapura.
Do come down to take a look at the roadshow.

Today, 2 guys walked away with Sony Ericsson phones!
How lucky! ):
I want one too :P

There's one more phone to be won, so come down and take a look.
If you guys happen to see me there, do say hi to me :P

Anyway, work today was pretty slacky.
All I did was to stand there and did some stamping.
Really easy job!


Pictures will be uploaded when I'm free.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jun's UNCLE night! Movie at Marina.


My body got cut off :X

This is Kialiang.

This is Jun.

It's too bright but I think this picture is quite nice :P


Yesterday was Jun's UNCLE night according to Kialiang :X
I saw some familiar faces while on the way to Marina.
Met up with Jun in the bus then we went to meet Kialiang at the train station.

After that, we bought tickets for Being Human and went for dinner.
Dinner was at Yoshinoya.
After dinner, we went to watch the movie.

The movie was damn stupid :X
There were 2 parts I thought it's the ending.
You guys should watch it.
I shall not be a spoiler :X
I would rate the movie 7/10.

End of yesterday :X

Pictures taken during Peiting's birthday.

Hong Kah-ers


Liting, Sandra and I

On Tuesday, it was Peiting's birthday.
I met up with a group of friends and went to get a cake and present for Peiting.

After getting the cake and present for her, we went to slack and wait for Peiting to come home.
We then went hiding near her place and gave her a surprise :X

After that, we stayed till around 12am and went back home..



Short Post.


Just came back home around 11pm+
I shall blog about it tomorrow (:

Just a short post to keep my blog updated.
I have not been blogging regularly these few weeks.
Either I'm working or I've nothing to write about because I've been staying at home using my computer the whole day.

I hope I can get the job this weekend.
Earn some extra cash before school starts ^^


I will post again with pictures soon.
I've yet to transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer.


Monday, March 15, 2010

IT Show Pictures

Hello people!

Pictures are up now :P
Pictures not in order..

Kialiang's shades.

Camwhore :X
I know my brows are not the same -.-



This is taken using beauty shot.



Guoxiang, Jun and Rika.
My face look fat and ugly -.-

Wii boys.
Glenn, Guoxiang, Jun, Kialiang, Weeliang.

Yesterday I fell asleep after drinking shots at Jun's house and they didn't wake me up -.-
So today, I woke up in the afternoon and we went to use the computer for awhile.

After that, we went for lunch nearby his house.
We then saw Steff, Jeremy, Vanessa and Joyce at the same coffee shop.

Joyce looked at me and said I spoiled my image because I was wearing Jun's clothes.
Then Jeremy said I looked like tomboy. -.-
Super unglam ! D:

We chatted for awhile and waited for them to eat and went back to Jun's house to slack.

We slacked till around 6pm and I went back home.

Oh ya.
Yesterday night, we saw a lot of snails on the road.
So I went to take some pictures of the snails.

After that, a car drove past and lucky it did not crush the snails.

Then a second car came..
We thought it will not crush onto the snails but one of them got crushed.
The sound of the snail shell crushing is super gross!
We got disgusted after seeing that.