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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working at NUS.


Today, I was working at NUS.
I asked a few people and managed to get to the exact location -.-
The place is so big.

Anyway, today was the last day of work.
Which means that I'm jobless T_T

While working, I saw this super cute and handsome caucasian guy.
After he walked past, Zhengning said he is super cute.
So we waited for him to walk past us again :X
When he walked past, we asked him to fill up a lucky draw and Jezreel said I'm shy to ask him to take photo with the guy -.-
I didn't even say I wanted to take picture with him.
I shall upload it when I get it the picture. XD

I called Almeric to come find me since he's studying there.
He really came, so I gave him and his friends a lot of samples. Haha.
After work, Almeric (so kind) sent me home.
Guess what? He went the wrong way and turn one big round to my house.
路痴. HAHA

That's it.


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