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Monday, February 1, 2010



Welcome to the Nintendo Wii Roadshow :P

Some pictures taken, not in order.

Vanessa and I.
I've got those tired eyes.. It's super tired!! )':

Wentheng and I

Hamster face.


Wentheng, Mabel and I

Wentheng, Agnes, Mabel, Vanessa and I

The guy in the middle (in black) is Kagami, while the guy at the right (in black too) is Miyano.

Jasmine, Vanessa and Jacqueline.
Where am I looking? o.o


Taken at K-suite

Rachel and I.

Almeric, Weishan, Jun and I

Almeric and I

Rachel, Daniel (sick boy) and I.

Sober Loong wei and I.
I look ugly in pictures but whatever man~~~~

Vanessa, Jacqueline and I.

Vanessa, Alvin and I.

Vanessa, Alvin, Louis, Jacqueline and I.

Pictures from Suntec Wii Roadshow.

Fangxia and I.

The hand spoils the beautiful pictures. :X

Okay so yeah, it's time to blog ^^
If now there's no pictures, most probably I'll upload it soon.

Anyway, I was working at outside Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City.
There isn't much people coming to play and the weather is super super super super hot.

During the 3 days, I saw quite a few familiar face.
My cousin (Steven), his sister, Ming Hao, Linjian, Ben and others I can't remember :P

After the third day, we had a Wii Party after work.
It was to celebrate for all the hard work and everything.
So we went to sing Karaoke.
The party was held at Illuma, K-suite.
I heard that that room cost one grand. O.O
I think the bill would cost a bomb, probably.. $6k?

Daniel drove Kialiang, Almeric, Brian and I to the place.
We were the first to reach there.
It was quite awkward at first, but it was okay after some people reached.

Anyway, the party was fun ^^
Oh, and the people (or bosses) from Nintendo are Japanese and Indians.
I don't know what their name is so I call them by their ethnic.

So there were 2 Indian (they are one of the boss if I'm not wrong?) got drunk.
They were hugging each other for very long and they kissed. omg.
One of them with a mustache, he was super scary!
He went walking around and try to hug people and kiss people.
Daniel's friend went to play around with him (purposely?) and got kissed. Haha, stupid :X Opps sorry.
Loongwei went to dance with him and the guy wanted to kiss him and he ran away.

When a person is drunk, it's quite dangerous to be near the person.
He might puke on you (YUCK) but nobody did that yesterday.
The Indian guy wanted to play pool so he took the Q stick and (I-can't remember-who) wanted to snatch it away and he almost hit the Q stick at me.
Scary~ Later I disfigured ):

Quite a long of people got drunk, people like Loong wei, Benedict, Louis, the 2 Indians, Daniel's friend others I can't remember.

We stayed till around 2am and I went home with some of the guys and others stayed till around 4am.

Oh wait!
I just remember something..
They booked another room for us to sing, so we went there after everyone had reached.
Miyano chose a Japanese song to sing as everyone had to perform a song.

I think he is the one who gets really tired after singing one song.
I always thought he was quite I-don't-know-what-word-to-use, as he was always wearing a suit and he don't look like those I-don't-know-what-word-to-use-again. :X
Anyway, he sang with all his energy (a little exaggerating), put his heart all to sing his song and he was like performing at a concert.
I can't describe it here.
If there's a video I'll post it up :X

After that, there's the Wii boys dancing Sorry Sorry.
No pictures ):
But there's a video, I'll get in from Vanessa and upload on my blog. (:
The Wii boys and danced Nobody and Gee too.

All the songs they dance are not complete because they only know the chorus.
But it's still very funny. Haha.

We stayed until around 2am, and I went home with some of the guys.

So yup, that's it.


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