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Saturday, February 13, 2010

one word - LAZY



I'm feeling very lazy to blog these few days.

But anyway, I'll start blogging about Thursday.

On Thursday, I went out with Joey, Sandra, Aloysius and Desmond.
Aloysius and Desmond left halfway, I think they got bored.

Awhile later, Kevin and Keith came.
We walked around town area and I told them I wanted to eat hot wings.
After much persuasion, they finally agreed.

We got the address and took a cab there.
Even if we're in a cab, we still got lost.
So we called the restaurant to ask for directly.
Seriously, their restaurant is at a super deserted place.
I doubt people would know how to get in for the first time.

Anyway, we tried the hot wings.
I can't really eat super super spicy stuff and Sandra can't eat too spicy so we ordered half a dozen of level 2 and level 5 wings.
I tried the level 5 hot wings first, and my eyes are full of tears :X

Oh, uhm level 3 is chilly padi (wrong spelling?) so level 5 is like almost double of chilly padi?

Here's a picture of the level 5 wings.

So red, and LOUD. Opps :X

After eating, we walked out to take a bus back to the train station and took the train home.

As for yesterday, I went out with my mum to buy some stuff. (:
That's it. LOL


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