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Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Here's 3 videos taken during the Wii Party.

Sorry Sorry by Super Wii Junior.

Nobody by Wii Boys Generation.

Gee by Wii Boys Generation.

All the dances are a little screwed up, but hey they're not professional dancers.
So don't judge them, they're dancing just for fun only.


Photobucket takes forever to upload the videos. -.-
More videos coming up! (:

Oh, and you can turn off my blog music on the left.

By the way, have you guys got some weird emails adding you on MSN?
I normally accept people who adds me before I delete them (If I don't know them).
But those weird emails keep popping up.

The weird thing is that they would say the same thing, which goes like this..
Me: Hello.
EMAIL: 21/f/*inserts country* You're male?
Me: No
EMAIL: whatever I forgot.

*Block and Delete*

It's like a spam, and who is so stupid enough to create those stupid spam email thingy whatever.


And.. I need a job man.
Wii event has ended, but I got a job and it's a temporary one so I need another one.
If anyone has any job, please introduce to me :P

Anyway, Wii event has ended, which means that I won't be working with the same people anymore.
It's quite sad.
This is the best job I've worked for man!
So many friendly/caring/good/.. people, of course there are some weird people too.
But overall it's still not as bad as they would bitch about you or whatever.

I hope we all (Wii-ers) could still be able to meet up for an outing or whatever..
Kbox HAHA :P
I will miss you guys man! XD

That's it for now.


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