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Friday, February 5, 2010

No title.


Outfit for the day.
Left to Right: Supei, Joey, Jasmine (ME)
Don't say my legs are fat, thanks.

I look short in the picture, but I'm the tallest among all of them ^^
Peiting was not there, if not I would be jealous of her height. Haha.

Now I don't have any pictures to post so you guys have to wait till I get it from my friend and upload them. (:

Meanwhile, you can read what I'm going to write :P

I've been going out in the morning and coming home late for the past few days so I was not blogging.

Oh wait, something random.
I went to add Miyano on Facebook recently and he accepted me.
While I was afk-ing, he sent me a Facebook message.

He wrote

You can just read the first sentence.

I think I am the one who should thank him for inviting me to the Wii Team :P
He knew that I can fake a smile on stage but he did not scold me or anything :X
Thanks anyway. (:

Okay back to topic.

Last Thursday, I went for dinner with Junjie at Holland Village.
We were supposed to have dinner at Sushi Teh but it's not there anymore. Lol.
So we had our dinner at somewhere else which I can't remember the name of it. X:

The food was not bad, but I don't like the vegetables.
After dinner, we chatted a lot and then he drove me around to waste some time since it's still quite early (actually not very late)
He went into some ulu (deserted) place I think it's called Hyderabad road, or whatever spelling.
The place is so eerie and scary, and it's like no ending road.
I would not even dare to step out of the car.
After turning here and there, we manage to get out of the place.

We then went to Mount Faber as Junhua told me the Henderson Wave is a good place to slack around.
The wind there was very strong (or should I use is? I think the wind there is always strong), but there's nothing much there.
It's just a very long bridge with some lightings and some place to sit (I don't know what that's called)
I took a picture with my lousy camera phone but it's quite blur.

So here's the picture.

No flash.

The place is pretty dark at night, but you still can see something.

After that, he sent me home.

It's good to have friends who drive because traveling around is just so convenient. Opps:X

Yesterday, I went to work at SMU.
It was quite an easy job and quite slack actually.

There was a guy who is working with us, he's called Hanxin.
He looks like a pure Singaporean, but he is not.

While I was trying to give out samples to some Korean guys, he went over to talk to them.
I thought he was trying to act like he knows how to speak korean as he said "contact number yo"
After that he started speaking some Korean so I thought he learned how speak Korean.

He then told me he is half Korean. Lol He don't even look like Korean.
So I asked him what is this and that (in Korean) which I learned from my Korean friends and he answered all of them correctly. O.O Impressive. Haha.

After work, I went home and quickly took a shower, put on my makeup, had quick dinner and rushed out to meet the Wii-ers.
The Wii-ers were, Steff, Jeremy, Rachel, Nowell, Grace, Jun, Kialiang, Guoxiang and Weeliang.
I was late for about 10 minutes but they were kind enough to wait for me :P
Oh by the way, we were watching a movie, it's Tooth Fairy.

The movie was hilarious !
Some of the parts was super lame and funny and I couldn't stop laughing. Haha.
Everyone should watch the movie, it is definitely worth the money (:

Anyway, I would rate the movie 9.5/10 ^^
Sorry, nothing is perfect. LOL.

After the movie, we went over to Selegi (SP?) there to eat "Daohui" (豆花)
I don't know what's that called in English.
The "Daohui" is not bad.
We chatted a lot there, there were a lot of laughter and so many jokes about Wii.
It's quite funny but I am lazy to type everything out :P
We stayed there till around 11.30pm and we walked to the train and went home.

As for today, I woke up at around 12.30pm by a call -.-
I slept at around 1am the night before so I slept till so late :X
I wanted to continue sleeping but I need to meet up with Joen to go shopping so I got up and prepared.
I got out at around 3pm and went to meet Joen at ION Orchard.
We walked around that place and I wasn't really shopping. :X

I bought a sling bag from Charles & Keith and that's everything I bought for today :X
Oh and a face mask, ice-cream, Yoshinoya.. blabla whatever:X

After walking around ION, we went over to Takashimaya as I wanted to eat at Yoshinoya.
It's been a while since I ate there. :P
So we had lunch + dinner over there.

After that, we went walking around town and Joey, Jolynn, Supei and Jessica came to find us.
Bla, I'm so lazy to type everything..

To keep it short, we went shopping,
bought quite a lot of stuff (them, not me)
some went separate ways after dinner,

Joey, Supei and I then went back to Batok to slack and wait for Yiyang, Wenyi and Booyong.
Slacked for awhile and went home.

Nothing much,

Oh, and Jolynn's Birthday was changed to a gathering due to.. so yeah..
Be strong babe, Stay happy! (:

OH, I find myself super swaku (It's something like mountain tortoise as what people say)
There's a lot of places in Singapore that I've not been to.
Too much time on computer doesn't help, even though you can find all the information on the internet.
It's true. HAHAHA



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