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Wednesday, February 10, 2010



I went for casting this afternoon.
I totally got nothing to say about :X
I don't think I can get the job since I don't have much experience. ):

Oh, and the place is super ulu.
I have had a hard time finding the place.

Anyway, after casting, I went to meet Jj (Junjie) at Marina for dinner.
After walking around for very long, we finally found the Waraku *something* restaurant.
It's relocated at another place, ulu again. :X

After dinner, we walked around Marina Square and then went to Marina Barrage to slack.
We slacked till around 11pm then went to The Coffee Club opposite Cineleisure for some coffee.

And went back home at 12am+

I'm so lazy to post up the pictures I took.
I shall upload them tomorrow if I'm free.

My JAE Appeal is unsuccessful, idiot.
I'm already applying for a course that my points is more (actually less) than enough to get into and they still do not want to let me get into the course.
I am going to appeal again for many many times until the school starts.


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