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Sunday, February 21, 2010



Taken during Joey's birthday.

Yesterday was Supei's birthday.
I was working so I only met up with her at Joey's house.
We celebrated her birthday at her house till 12am+ and we left.

Pictures are with Jolynn..

On Thursday, I was working at NTU.
I hate to wake up in the morning ):
I was late for work, so as everyone.
I was the second earliest to get there.

After an hour later, everyone reached.
After work, I went to Jurong Point to get some stuff and went back home.

Friday, I stayed at home all day and watched anime.
I was on a lazy mood, and did not went for dinner with the Wii-ers. =\
At night, Jolynn asked me to go for movies and I'm feeling lazy -.-
But I went in the end..

We went to watch Valentine's Day.
It was quite okay.
The movie is very long..
I would rate is 7/10

After that, I went home..

As for today, I am staying at home again, watching anime..
Oh, FYI, I'm watching Shugo Chara.
I got really bored at home and decided to go watch some anime.
It's the 2nd most popular anime (1st is Naruto, but I don't really like that anime).

That's it.

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