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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hey guys!

I look like I have single eyelid.
Not a very nice picture though =\

I've created a Facebook page (actually it's an extra account) for you guys to add me.
I'll not be accepting random people on my personal Facebook account so add me in that extra account instead.

I've put a Facebook badge on the bottom left, below the Nuffnang Advertisement so you can click on that to add me so you do not have to search for me.

I'll accept everyone who adds me..
But please do not spam me with messages like "hello, care to intro?" or whatever..

Oh, I've not been taking pictures recently so I've very little pictures on my blog.
So please bear with it until I get a new camera :P

And.. Please help me click on my Nuffnang Advertisement!
It wouldn't kill you to just click it 1 time. >.<

So that's it.

Bye everyone!

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