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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wenyi's birthday.

Hi all.

Okay, I find this really stupid.
I got tagged by quite a lot of people about "tagged photos" on Facebook.
So awhile ago, I find it curious and click it.

It wrote something like photos that have been tagged but cannot see.
I find it weird and went the install the application.
Guess what?
A cloud face, look scary at first pops out.
I got shocked -.- , not sure if there's sound effect or not as I did not turn on my speaker.

It's like, so lame man.
I remember I got shocked once, I was traumatized. -.-
I think it's at night, when my friend sent me a link and ask me to on my speaker loudly to play the game.
I think I got psycho or am I just plain stupid, I went to click and worst is I just listened to music so my speaker was almost at the loudest volume.
It's "Spot the difference" game.
Before I could even find a mistake, (there's no mistake btw), something pops out.
I wanted to close it immediately but it was too late, so I screamed like hell, like a mad woman.
(You can laugh at me, whatever~)
I cried like shit also, but it's only for awhile. HAHAHA

My dad ran in and though something had happened, and he saw the picture and laughed at me -.-
Really stupid right.

Oh by the way, I went out today.
It's Wenyi's birthday, so we went out with him.
I shall blog it tomorrow.

Till here.


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