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Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding and Results

Hello everyone!

I guessed most of you knew that today is the release of O level results.
Some people cried, some people were scared and some people can't be bothered about it :P

I got my results, and it wasn't that great.
I'm not going to tell you what I get :P
But my English suck to the max man! I got a 6 -.-
It totally pulled down my L1r4 -.-


Anyway, yesterday I went for my cousin's (Steven) wedding dinner.
I saw many of my cousins which I am not really close with, a lot of them changed.
Quite a few of them gained weight and became fat. HAHAHA.
I don't think they would be reading my blog so it's okay ^^

The wedding dinner was held at Peninsular Excelsior. (Sp?)
The emcee was not doing a good job.
She was speaking like as if someone forced her to do it, and she was monotone -.-

Steven looks quite young but actually he is quite old.
I can say.. he's double of my age?
Around there I think, but he look around 23-24 years old.

Oh, before we went for the dinner.
We went to his place as there is the traditional tea whatever thingy where the couple serves tea to the older people (I think) or only the father's brothers and sisters.

So that's about it.

Bye all!

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