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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seoul Garden.


Jasmine and Liting.
(I know it's blur, but that's the photo I have)
Only one picture for now.

Other pictures are still with Liting, shall upload them up when she sends me.

Anyway, yesterday, I met up with Joey, Shermine, Liting, Wenyi and Yiyang at Cityhall.
We walked over to Marina Square, to Seoul Garden to meet up with Ligui.
Sorry to say this, but he really grew fatter a lot.
We all can't stop laughing when we saw him.

We had dinner at Seoul Garden, and Peiting came to meet us awhile later.
After dinner, we took some pictures with Birthday boy and went to get his present.
He chose it himself as we did not know what to get for him.
He got a Bermudas from Fourskin. (:

We then walk over to the arcade and some of them went to play games while some of us watch them play.
After awhile, we walked back to take a train home.

Ya, so that's it for yesterday.


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