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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello everyone.

Check out this video.
You can ignore what he says.

I am not talking about the content.

Look at the guy.
He looks pretty. LOL.

He looks quite good looking without make up too.


Something random :P
Anyway, I was working today.

Some of my friends drop by for awhile while I was working.

Today there's really really a lot of people, not really tiring but bored.
After work, I went to have supper with Joey and Yiyang.
Bad idea..
I should have gone home instead.

Kinda weird seeing them going out together as they were not close while we're in primary school, I assumed?
But whatever..

I think I might get my hair dyed really soon, but have not decide on what color yet.

I will be working tomorrow.

I have no pictures to post nowadays as I haven't got those pictures yet.
I may not get the pictures also ):
May have some though. HAHA

Bye everyone.

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