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Saturday, January 9, 2010



I am super bored now.
I have some questions in my mind.
I don't hope to have an answer from anyone of you but I just want to ask. HAHAHA :P

Oh, before I ask questions.
I've changed my blog song to some Japanese songs ^^
I think it's quite nice :P

Please don't read after this sentence unless you're super bored like me.
Scroll down till you see the "read from here" :P

Why do people always change their Facebook relationship status all the time when it's always the same?
As in they are always Single but they just like to change to whatever they like?

Why do people always like to twit things like I am going to bed, Bathing now, Reading newspaper, Putting nail polish, or whatever they can think of?
If it's like a post a day it's still okay as they have nothing to write (like me), or else their twitter will just collect bird shits or they'll have to smack the mosquitoes.

Why people like to have a lot of friends on their friends list when they don't even know them?
I am referring to those who adds people like 50 or more (like crazy), not referring to people who accepts a lot of people (If other people adds them).
Is there a award or contest that you can will a million dollars for doing so? They would feel like it's an accomplishment for having their friends list MAXED out?

Okay now I don't have any questions, but I have something to say.
If he is reading it, I don't care man. I hope he reads it too. ^^

There is this guy I know from my Facebook (previously from my school), he wants to make friends with me.
I am okay with it since I know who he is (obviously).
He asked me if I could give him my number, I said no.
He asked why, so I said I just don't want to give.
He asked why I don't want to give.
*Feeling irritated by now, I said No means No right? Can't he understand simple English and say Okay, I shall not disturb you and Bye?*

So I told him whatever reasons I could think of, I am lazy to type it out.

He asked me if he invites me to his birthday party, would I go?
I said no, he asked why?
I said no why..

He asked again, are we friends?
I said yes, but I don't wished to be his friend anymore.
HAHAHA EVIL I KNOW. I wouldn't want an irritating friend like him. :X

Guess what? He asked again, are we really friends?
I felt super annoyed, so I just ignored.

I BRB awhile and he went offline, thank god.

The next few days he keep asking me the same questions.
Are you friends?
I am just lazy to reply and he's so irritating.

Oh by the way, no offence to what I type above.
If anyone of you feel offended, there's nothing I could do ^^
Maybe you could play the face fighting or whatever it's called and put my face there and beat me up.


Oh and please do not spam my email if you hate me or whatever.
Up till now there's none so thank you haters of mine (If there is, and I think there is but they don't read my blog).
I don't think you guys are just too free to spam other people's email, so just continue to say me or whatever.

Oh ya, about people who I say I hate.
Actually, I hate nobody, I just say for fun. HAHA
If I don't like someone I will just say the person whatever but I don't hate people. ^^

I am thinking if I should put this post as draft as it's super lame.

Haha, okay there's another thing I want to say.
There's a guy who wrote on my wall.
I wrote on my previous post that I went to Sakae Sushi to eat right.
This guy who was sitting in front of my table was a friend of mine (not close though).
He wrote, Next time when you eat at Sakae, please don't laugh so loud and he LOL after that.

I was thinking, I did laughed that loudly that time.
I think I only speak a little loud and even if I laughed too loudly, can't I do that?
He could just "shhhhhh" me at that time instead of posting of my wall right?
It's as if I would see him at Sakae and laugh loudly again.
Makes no sense.

Please read from here,

Oh ya, I got a question to ask.
Anyone who is a camera pro (or whoever), what camera is good?
If you're kind enough, please email me or MSN me (if you have my MSN) and let me know what camera is good, why is it good, if there's any disadvantage and the price.

I am not interested in DSLR, I just want to know about compact camera.
I want to bring it around and a DSLR is quite heavy.
I heard the Lumix GF-1 DSLR is like a compact camera, but it's expensive. -.-

I want to get a camera but not sure what to get and I am super on budget. HAHAH
Not like $50 for a good camera luh, that's impossible.

I hope someone could email me :P

Okay that's it.


P/S: I am thinking of changing my blog link. Any suggestions? Do you guys think I should change it? It makes no sense to me :X I just thought of it and decided to put this link up.
I've been using that link since the beginning I post on the blog.
And I am thinking if I should put a tag board, but I'm afraid that nobody would want to tag -.-

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