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Friday, January 22, 2010



That's Kevin Tan.
Our skates looked the same, but it's not.
Sorry for the lousy quality picture, it's not taken by me (obviously).

I've decided to blog but I do not have a picture to put in the new post so I'll just edit this.

I'm back from work.
It's tiring because there's nothing to do.
I've played Wii a thousand times and got sicked of all the games.
Oh, and I saw Derek with his girlfriend while I was on stage, I don't think he did saw me.

Anyway, what is "ah tiong" ?
I took the train together with Jun, Zhixiang and Don and they said ah tong.
So I asked them what is it but they don't want to tell me -.-
And they made a video which I think they will be posting in Facebook. It is really stupid.


I saw my neighbour in the lift awhile ago
I asked her what did she get for L1R4 and guess what she told me?
I was super shocked when I heard the points she get.
I didn't know that she is so clever.
She got 8 points by the way and she said she is applying for Mass Communcation.

Suddenly, I felt that my result really suck.

That's it.


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