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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last day of Work. Boss's birthday.


Alright, there's no pictures today.
Facebook is down now, so I can't check for updates.

My internet connection is always so slow at around night time.
Why why why?

Today is the last day of work, for this Wii event at Suntec.
There's new people working.
Here are some I can remember,
Najib, Glenn (wrong spelling?) , Melvin, Eugene..
Oh and some new people that work in IMM are,
Nowell, Aining and Yixuan.

The VIPs came down yesterday and today, so we can't talk while working and can't slack to much.
I am so tired after the first day because I slept late and yesterday and today :P

Today, I was working as a gaming companion which teaches people how to play Wii.
All of a sudden, Louis ask me to be a stage gaming companion.
Louis said I can't smile (as in smile almost all the time, try to fake it of course) on stage, and I really can't so I felt it's quite weird but the Japaneses asked me to go up.
So I tried to smile and it ended quite well, no bad comments so yeah.

After work, we were told to sing a birthday song to the boss.
So we gathered around the stage.
After the boss makes his speech, we sang a birthday song for him.
Guess what?
He was shocked, he jumped up! Physically jumped up, like you were really really really surprised.
It's good that he had that kind of expression because it shows that we really gave him a surprise. Haha.

After that, we got changed and took a train home together with some of the Wii boys.


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