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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give me a break.


I'm back from work.
I just saw a very handsome boy ^^, yes it is a boy, not a guy.
He's only 9 years old, from Australia.

He's so handsome and cute. Haha.
Took a picture with him but not sure if I can get the pictures or not because Rika took it with the DSI, the one that they are using to promote.

I will be taking a break tomorrow. Yay.
I want to take a break =\
So many things happening right now..

I forgot to say this, there's few dogs today.
As in not real dogs, but "DOGS" you know?
I'm not angry but it's quite irritating.
Although I won't show that I'm angry, I'm always laughing as I find it hard to control HAHAHAHA, but doesn't mean that I like it or what.
Who likes it anyway.

I doubt those people would read my blog.
But anyway, whatever~

I just went to amend my JAE application thingy. -.-
Hope I can get into any course I want.

Oh, and I am seventeen this year, my birthday is not over yet but I'm seventeen (if you count by year)
I don't like the number seventeen, I would prefer sixteen or eighteen but seventeen, not particular reason though (:

OH OH OH, Important.
I am looking for a job. Anyone has lobang-s?
I want to work in roadshows, events, those that do not work for long.
It's hard to find =\
Actually I found one but casting is today and I did not go as I was working.

Okay, I've nothing to write now.


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