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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010



Yesterday, I met up with Marcus and Chenern at 313@Somerset.
We took a cab over to Steff house for an interview as they were looking for people for the last event.

It took about an hour or less (didn't take note of the time) and we took a cab back to 313@Somerset.
We then walked over to Orchard Central and slack at MOS Burger while waiting for time to pass.
Until around 6.30pm I walked to Winsland House 1 for my briefing for a job.

The briefing took around an hour and I went back home after that.

Below there's a new post so do read it.


Have you wonder..


Have you guys wonder who is reading your blog?
Maybe your teachers are reaching your blog, or a secret admirer of yours are reading your blog?


I seriously have nothing to post today so I went to Nuffnang to check the number of visitors I have blablabla and so on..

Actually, you won't know exactly who is reading your blog.
But who would want to know each and every one of you is reading their blog?

Haha, whatever.

Okay, so here's mine.

This is for today.
They will show up to a total of 10 countries.

Most of my blog readers are from Singapore.
2nd from Korea.
3rd United States and so on..

Actually there's a list of how many people from a certain country is reading my blog but I did not want to post it up because it's not that important anyway.


Here's what the people google-d about and came to my blog.
Most of them are repeated one.

Nothing much.

Ok so here's the list of link people click to my link from.
Those that type my blog address on the address bar would not be shown here.
Last time it would. o.o

This is last month's btw.

Of course this is not the total amount of readers that reads your blog.

There's another list but I'm not posting it up.

So ya, that's it.

If you want to know where this is from, this is from

Please help me click the advertisements (if there is) !

Ok Bye!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

JAE Results.


Candid shot.
Sorry, I had to censored my face because it's too unglam. :P

As I was expected, I got into a shitty course in Ngee Ann Poly..
I went to check the JAE Appeal Application, I can only appeal for shitty courses for NP and SP -.-

I find that Nanyang Poly is toooooo far !
I don't want to wake up early in the morning to go there.
There are a lot of courses I'm eligible in Republic Poly but... I don't feel like going.


Bye all!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wii boys and Girls


Here's a few more pictures of the Wii boys and girls (:

Take 1.

Take 2.

Credits to Alvin.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Wii Peektures.


Ignore my face.

Spot me! :P

Say Wiiiiiiii~~~~~
Sorry, too many names to write down here :P


Pictures credit to Vanessa.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last day of Work. Boss's birthday.


Alright, there's no pictures today.
Facebook is down now, so I can't check for updates.

My internet connection is always so slow at around night time.
Why why why?

Today is the last day of work, for this Wii event at Suntec.
There's new people working.
Here are some I can remember,
Najib, Glenn (wrong spelling?) , Melvin, Eugene..
Oh and some new people that work in IMM are,
Nowell, Aining and Yixuan.

The VIPs came down yesterday and today, so we can't talk while working and can't slack to much.
I am so tired after the first day because I slept late and yesterday and today :P

Today, I was working as a gaming companion which teaches people how to play Wii.
All of a sudden, Louis ask me to be a stage gaming companion.
Louis said I can't smile (as in smile almost all the time, try to fake it of course) on stage, and I really can't so I felt it's quite weird but the Japaneses asked me to go up.
So I tried to smile and it ended quite well, no bad comments so yeah.

After work, we were told to sing a birthday song to the boss.
So we gathered around the stage.
After the boss makes his speech, we sang a birthday song for him.
Guess what?
He was shocked, he jumped up! Physically jumped up, like you were really really really surprised.
It's good that he had that kind of expression because it shows that we really gave him a surprise. Haha.

After that, we got changed and took a train home together with some of the Wii boys.


Friday, January 22, 2010



That's Kevin Tan.
Our skates looked the same, but it's not.
Sorry for the lousy quality picture, it's not taken by me (obviously).

I've decided to blog but I do not have a picture to put in the new post so I'll just edit this.

I'm back from work.
It's tiring because there's nothing to do.
I've played Wii a thousand times and got sicked of all the games.
Oh, and I saw Derek with his girlfriend while I was on stage, I don't think he did saw me.

Anyway, what is "ah tiong" ?
I took the train together with Jun, Zhixiang and Don and they said ah tong.
So I asked them what is it but they don't want to tell me -.-
And they made a video which I think they will be posting in Facebook. It is really stupid.


I saw my neighbour in the lift awhile ago
I asked her what did she get for L1R4 and guess what she told me?
I was super shocked when I heard the points she get.
I didn't know that she is so clever.
She got 8 points by the way and she said she is applying for Mass Communcation.

Suddenly, I felt that my result really suck.

That's it.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures and Work.

Hello everyone.

So here are the pictures taken yesterday.
I know some of it are blur, but I'll still post it. :P

Pictures are not in sequence.

Peiting, Jasmine, Liting.

Top: Shermine, Joey
Bottom: Peiting, Jasmine, Liting

I think this picture would turn out nice if it's not blur X:

That guy in pink is Ligui.

I just don't know why I keep getting red eye in pictures.

It's like I would get red eye in almost all of the pictures with flash.

The girls.

Rock ^^

Please don't tell me the colors of my arms are uneven.
Birthday boy below, Wenyi !

The guys are Wenyi (Black) and Yiyang (White).

Red eye again.

That's it.

Okay, so all the pictures taken yesterday are posted here.
Actually it's not all, it's just that others I don't think it's nice so I did not post them.

I'll be working tomorrow at Suntec Tower 2, outside Carrefour.
Yup, it is the Wii again.

Please come and say hi if you happen to walk past or happen to be at Suntec. ^^

Alright, I had to wait for my sister to come home before I could go to sleep.

Bye everyone!

Seoul Garden.


Jasmine and Liting.
(I know it's blur, but that's the photo I have)
Only one picture for now.

Other pictures are still with Liting, shall upload them up when she sends me.

Anyway, yesterday, I met up with Joey, Shermine, Liting, Wenyi and Yiyang at Cityhall.
We walked over to Marina Square, to Seoul Garden to meet up with Ligui.
Sorry to say this, but he really grew fatter a lot.
We all can't stop laughing when we saw him.

We had dinner at Seoul Garden, and Peiting came to meet us awhile later.
After dinner, we took some pictures with Birthday boy and went to get his present.
He chose it himself as we did not know what to get for him.
He got a Bermudas from Fourskin. (:

We then walk over to the arcade and some of them went to play games while some of us watch them play.
After awhile, we walked back to take a train home.

Ya, so that's it for yesterday.


Wenyi's birthday.

Hi all.

Okay, I find this really stupid.
I got tagged by quite a lot of people about "tagged photos" on Facebook.
So awhile ago, I find it curious and click it.

It wrote something like photos that have been tagged but cannot see.
I find it weird and went the install the application.
Guess what?
A cloud face, look scary at first pops out.
I got shocked -.- , not sure if there's sound effect or not as I did not turn on my speaker.

It's like, so lame man.
I remember I got shocked once, I was traumatized. -.-
I think it's at night, when my friend sent me a link and ask me to on my speaker loudly to play the game.
I think I got psycho or am I just plain stupid, I went to click and worst is I just listened to music so my speaker was almost at the loudest volume.
It's "Spot the difference" game.
Before I could even find a mistake, (there's no mistake btw), something pops out.
I wanted to close it immediately but it was too late, so I screamed like hell, like a mad woman.
(You can laugh at me, whatever~)
I cried like shit also, but it's only for awhile. HAHAHA

My dad ran in and though something had happened, and he saw the picture and laughed at me -.-
Really stupid right.

Oh by the way, I went out today.
It's Wenyi's birthday, so we went out with him.
I shall blog it tomorrow.

Till here.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interview, Wenyi's birthday.


It's Wenyi's birthday today.

Happy Birthday Wenyi !

I am so kind to give you a birthday shout out, but I don't think you would see this. Haha.

Anyway, I caught a flu yesterday and I kept sneezing.
Now I got a runny nose.
My nose could run, cool ^^ Haha. Lame.

Anyway, I will be going for an interview later..
Hope I can get that job.
I've gone for a few casting/interview but no news up till now. ):

Alright, signing off here.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Joey, Jasmine.
Other pictures are with Joey, will upload them when I get it.

This afternoon, Joey and I met up with Kevin and his friends at Kallang station.
We took a bus over to Kallang Leisure Park.

I went to have my lunch at Koufu and we went over to the Ice skating rink to skate.
We skated till 7pm and went separate ways.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.
I fell down once while I was trying to do the cross thingy.
I don't know how to say but it is just skating in circles.
It hurts man!
It's been a long time since I fell so I guessed I forgot how pain is it when I fell. HAHAHA.

Actually I was planning to stay at home since Joey can't go out.
So I went to watch my brushes.
Joey then called me to go skating and my brushes are still wet so I can't use them to put my makeup.
In the end I had use my fingers to put the concealers, eyeshadows and stuff -.-

Okay, till here.


Sunday, January 17, 2010




Pictures not in order, taken by DSI so sorry for lousy quality ^^

Almeric, Kialiang, Jasmine

Kialiang, Don, Jasmine

Jasmine and handsome boy, but he don't look handsome in this picture.

Jasmine, Joey

Kialiang, Joey

Work has ended, finally.
I am so tired.

Might be going out tomorrow and might be going skating on Tuesday.
I have not confirmed if I will be going out on both days. Haha.

I have nothing to post now.

Ending post with....

Distorted face. HAHAHA.
If you cover the right face, I am smiling.
If you cover my left face, I am sad.


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello everyone.

Check out this video.
You can ignore what he says.

I am not talking about the content.

Look at the guy.
He looks pretty. LOL.

He looks quite good looking without make up too.


Something random :P
Anyway, I was working today.

Some of my friends drop by for awhile while I was working.

Today there's really really a lot of people, not really tiring but bored.
After work, I went to have supper with Joey and Yiyang.
Bad idea..
I should have gone home instead.

Kinda weird seeing them going out together as they were not close while we're in primary school, I assumed?
But whatever..

I think I might get my hair dyed really soon, but have not decide on what color yet.

I will be working tomorrow.

I have no pictures to post nowadays as I haven't got those pictures yet.
I may not get the pictures also ):
May have some though. HAHA

Bye everyone.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give me a break.


I'm back from work.
I just saw a very handsome boy ^^, yes it is a boy, not a guy.
He's only 9 years old, from Australia.

He's so handsome and cute. Haha.
Took a picture with him but not sure if I can get the pictures or not because Rika took it with the DSI, the one that they are using to promote.

I will be taking a break tomorrow. Yay.
I want to take a break =\
So many things happening right now..

I forgot to say this, there's few dogs today.
As in not real dogs, but "DOGS" you know?
I'm not angry but it's quite irritating.
Although I won't show that I'm angry, I'm always laughing as I find it hard to control HAHAHAHA, but doesn't mean that I like it or what.
Who likes it anyway.

I doubt those people would read my blog.
But anyway, whatever~

I just went to amend my JAE application thingy. -.-
Hope I can get into any course I want.

Oh, and I am seventeen this year, my birthday is not over yet but I'm seventeen (if you count by year)
I don't like the number seventeen, I would prefer sixteen or eighteen but seventeen, not particular reason though (:

OH OH OH, Important.
I am looking for a job. Anyone has lobang-s?
I want to work in roadshows, events, those that do not work for long.
It's hard to find =\
Actually I found one but casting is today and I did not go as I was working.

Okay, I've nothing to write now.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wii Roadshow - IMM

Hello everyone!

I was working today at IMM.
Yes, it is the Wii Roadshow thingy.
It's not over yet ~~

If you happen to see me at IMM, do say Hi to me :P
Do come down to take a look at the roadshow thingy...
There's not much people during weekdays and it's quite boring =\

I'll be working till Sunday at IMM (except Friday). ^^
It's good to have a job nearby my house.
I hate to travel so far D: Had to wake up early, go out early whatever.

Alright, I'm going off now.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding and Results

Hello everyone!

I guessed most of you knew that today is the release of O level results.
Some people cried, some people were scared and some people can't be bothered about it :P

I got my results, and it wasn't that great.
I'm not going to tell you what I get :P
But my English suck to the max man! I got a 6 -.-
It totally pulled down my L1r4 -.-


Anyway, yesterday I went for my cousin's (Steven) wedding dinner.
I saw many of my cousins which I am not really close with, a lot of them changed.
Quite a few of them gained weight and became fat. HAHAHA.
I don't think they would be reading my blog so it's okay ^^

The wedding dinner was held at Peninsular Excelsior. (Sp?)
The emcee was not doing a good job.
She was speaking like as if someone forced her to do it, and she was monotone -.-

Steven looks quite young but actually he is quite old.
I can say.. he's double of my age?
Around there I think, but he look around 23-24 years old.

Oh, before we went for the dinner.
We went to his place as there is the traditional tea whatever thingy where the couple serves tea to the older people (I think) or only the father's brothers and sisters.

So that's about it.

Bye all!

Saturday, January 9, 2010



I am super bored now.
I have some questions in my mind.
I don't hope to have an answer from anyone of you but I just want to ask. HAHAHA :P

Oh, before I ask questions.
I've changed my blog song to some Japanese songs ^^
I think it's quite nice :P

Please don't read after this sentence unless you're super bored like me.
Scroll down till you see the "read from here" :P

Why do people always change their Facebook relationship status all the time when it's always the same?
As in they are always Single but they just like to change to whatever they like?

Why do people always like to twit things like I am going to bed, Bathing now, Reading newspaper, Putting nail polish, or whatever they can think of?
If it's like a post a day it's still okay as they have nothing to write (like me), or else their twitter will just collect bird shits or they'll have to smack the mosquitoes.

Why people like to have a lot of friends on their friends list when they don't even know them?
I am referring to those who adds people like 50 or more (like crazy), not referring to people who accepts a lot of people (If other people adds them).
Is there a award or contest that you can will a million dollars for doing so? They would feel like it's an accomplishment for having their friends list MAXED out?

Okay now I don't have any questions, but I have something to say.
If he is reading it, I don't care man. I hope he reads it too. ^^

There is this guy I know from my Facebook (previously from my school), he wants to make friends with me.
I am okay with it since I know who he is (obviously).
He asked me if I could give him my number, I said no.
He asked why, so I said I just don't want to give.
He asked why I don't want to give.
*Feeling irritated by now, I said No means No right? Can't he understand simple English and say Okay, I shall not disturb you and Bye?*

So I told him whatever reasons I could think of, I am lazy to type it out.

He asked me if he invites me to his birthday party, would I go?
I said no, he asked why?
I said no why..

He asked again, are we friends?
I said yes, but I don't wished to be his friend anymore.
HAHAHA EVIL I KNOW. I wouldn't want an irritating friend like him. :X

Guess what? He asked again, are we really friends?
I felt super annoyed, so I just ignored.

I BRB awhile and he went offline, thank god.

The next few days he keep asking me the same questions.
Are you friends?
I am just lazy to reply and he's so irritating.

Oh by the way, no offence to what I type above.
If anyone of you feel offended, there's nothing I could do ^^
Maybe you could play the face fighting or whatever it's called and put my face there and beat me up.


Oh and please do not spam my email if you hate me or whatever.
Up till now there's none so thank you haters of mine (If there is, and I think there is but they don't read my blog).
I don't think you guys are just too free to spam other people's email, so just continue to say me or whatever.

Oh ya, about people who I say I hate.
Actually, I hate nobody, I just say for fun. HAHA
If I don't like someone I will just say the person whatever but I don't hate people. ^^

I am thinking if I should put this post as draft as it's super lame.

Haha, okay there's another thing I want to say.
There's a guy who wrote on my wall.
I wrote on my previous post that I went to Sakae Sushi to eat right.
This guy who was sitting in front of my table was a friend of mine (not close though).
He wrote, Next time when you eat at Sakae, please don't laugh so loud and he LOL after that.

I was thinking, I did laughed that loudly that time.
I think I only speak a little loud and even if I laughed too loudly, can't I do that?
He could just "shhhhhh" me at that time instead of posting of my wall right?
It's as if I would see him at Sakae and laugh loudly again.
Makes no sense.

Please read from here,

Oh ya, I got a question to ask.
Anyone who is a camera pro (or whoever), what camera is good?
If you're kind enough, please email me or MSN me (if you have my MSN) and let me know what camera is good, why is it good, if there's any disadvantage and the price.

I am not interested in DSLR, I just want to know about compact camera.
I want to bring it around and a DSLR is quite heavy.
I heard the Lumix GF-1 DSLR is like a compact camera, but it's expensive. -.-

I want to get a camera but not sure what to get and I am super on budget. HAHAH
Not like $50 for a good camera luh, that's impossible.

I hope someone could email me :P

Okay that's it.


P/S: I am thinking of changing my blog link. Any suggestions? Do you guys think I should change it? It makes no sense to me :X I just thought of it and decided to put this link up.
I've been using that link since the beginning I post on the blog.
And I am thinking if I should put a tag board, but I'm afraid that nobody would want to tag -.-