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Friday, December 31, 2010



It's new year's eve!
It's the last day of 2010 and tomorrow will be 2011!

This year was more happening than the previous years for me.
I've got to know a lot of new friends and they're all so nice ^^

Really enjoyed myself this year :P


Alright, need to rush out now, going to Rika's house to celebrate the new year :D

Just in case I did not blog tomorrow,

Happy New Year!
Bye! ^.^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hi! ^^

Ok this post is a little overdue, but whatever~
Just a short one.

Didn't took much photos
Jeremy, Jason and Jim. HAHA all the J(s).

I spent my Christmas with a group of friends.
It was kinda unplanned, so only a few of us went.

We had dinner at Indulge, and waited for Valerie to come.
After that we've decided to play L4D2 at parklane!
Jason left first while we played 1 more match before going home.

Oh by the way,

Guess what is this? So cute right!

It is use for phones to make it stand so that when you're watching a video you can put it on the table.
Cho kawaii~! (≧▽≦)

So that's it for now!

Will be going for the Black Light Party with a group of friends!
Weeee~ excited :P


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiger Crystal Beer


Alright, I just finished a photoshoot yesterday with a bunch of friends.
It was pretty stressful for me since I do not know how to pose and stuff.
So they all are so kind enough to teach me :P
Thanks a lot!

The photos will be posted another day as I'm waiting for Hellven to upload it. (:

Oh by the way, I went to Essensuals to get my hair done for the photoshoot.

Actually nothing much was done, they just straightened my hair for me.
But the service they provide was quite good ^^ Satisfied.

Right now they're having a promotion going on.


Alright so recently, before Christmas, I was working for an event for Tiger Beer.
They've launched a new variant of tiger beer called the Tiger Crystal Beer.
*I'm not introducing to you guys, just saying only :P*

Here's some picture I took while working..

Sylvia, Vanessa and me :D

A pretty beer ambassador. I think her name is May.


That's it for now.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping with Peiting!


I shall start with pictures first!

The lighting suck, it is suppose to be light to dark from the inside of the eye to the outside.

Let me introduce her to you guys!
This is Peiting, a tall girl. I'm always jealous of her height. =\

This is me! I'm Jasmine and I'm a left-hander. Ok just kidding HAHA

Let's take a photo together

More photos!

Big small eyes

Retarded -.-



LOL Look at Peiting's face.

Smile with teeth! Ok it's kinda ugly but whatever~



Some photo of myself!

It's been quite a while since I last went out with Peiting :P
So we've decided to go shopping since we ran out of clothes to wear.

We spend a short time buying stuff because we didn't think much and just buy it.
We regret buying some of the stuff but it's okay, since we're impulse buyers HAHAHA.

After that we had dinner at MOS Burger and started taking pictures (picture above) :P
Then we went home! ^^

Friday, December 24, 2010

Some overdue photos


Here's some overdue photos.
Not all are taken on the same day.

*Photo credits to whoever I got it from*

Drinking session with Haru Haru peeps! (Not all of them were there though)
Don't ask me why my face so white. Blame on my camera! HAHA

Jin's birthday celebration (in advance)
I like that pub.
It's nice! :D

Taken during Jin's birthday

During Jin's birthday.

I think that's about it.

Do look out for the next post!
I've quite a few photos to post (:

Cya and Merry Christmas~!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michelle Phan's video


I browse through youtube and saw this video which I feel that I should share with you ladies!

It's very nice and yet creepy at the same time.

Happy Birthday Hellven and Jason!

Happy Birthday to Hellven (aka Hiroshi) and Jason (aka Jin) !



I think most of you should have seen them in my previous post before.

Yesterday was Jason's birthday!
We met up for dinner first at Cineleisure while Miyu and I left for Japanese class.
After Japanese class, we went to meet them at Clarke Quay for some drinking session.

It was fun hanging out with them all the time (:

Today is Hellven's birthday.
Too bad we can't celebrate for him because he went to Bangkok.
Hope he enjoys his trip there!

Gonna work later on.
See you!


Field Trip to Sentosa with E26R !


Not much makeup on that day + no contact lens = small eyes~

Tiffany baked cupcakes for us! So sweet! (:

Last week, we went on a field trip to Sentosa with my classmates.
It was for a module that we took.

For that day, we just need to go around taking pictures.
I thought it'll be quite slack but I was wrong!!!!
We need to walk to a lot of places and take pictures under the blazing hot sun!

It was such a torturing day ):

After that, we had a class picnic while some of them left.
After picnic, we played a few games with my classmate's ex-classmate.

It was not fun at all seriously!
But whatever~ Hahaha

After the game, Tiffany and I went to look for Xiaping, Sihui and Sinyee for some karaoke session :D
We went for dinner at Ding Tai Feng and went home after that (:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kbox Session with some ex-Retards!


Joey, Peiting and Supei !

It's been quite some time since I met up with my primary school cliques!

I went for some Kbox session with Joey and Supei and then L4D2 with them for awhile before Peiting joined us.
It was quite fun playing with them! Hope to go out with them soon!


Friday, December 17, 2010

MMK at Liang Court + Kbox Session

Hello peeps!

MMK Mobile Event at Liang Court is over~
Hope you guys had enjoy your time there.
Haha, this post is a little overdue though :P

Alright, pictures first!
Pictures are not in sequene (:

Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama ojosama!

First day working!

Group photo with Shawn

Group photo with Jim


Miya-chan's birthday!

Cherie! She came to find us (:

Toast Box's Curry Chicken Rice. Nice! :D

Drew this for Chenern and Andrea and Yutaki wrote his name there, haha

Group photo before Kbox Session! ^^

The lighting sucks.

Kbox Session!

Dinner on the last day!

Just a short post about last week.

Day 3 of (8 Dec)
First day working at Liang Court:D
Not a lot of people on that day, but the tables managed to fill up around night time.

Day 4
As usual.
Peiting, Supei and Joey came to find me!
Andrea, Chenern and Alex came too.
After work, went to Toast Box (near scape) for supper and went to catch a movie with Miyu, Moe, Jim, Andrea, Chenern and Alex.
We watched Narnia.
The movie was okay, not that boring but I almost fell asleep because of lack of sleep. Haha
Went home after the movie.

Day 5
I became a zombie. LOL
Super tiring because I had school in the morning and work in the afternoon.
After work, I went for supper with Miyu, Moe, Jim and Maurice at Waraku.
Went home after supper.

Day 6
Start work in the morning.
Was almost late.
No break in between shifts.
Celebrated Miya-chan's birthday in advanced. (:
AR butlers came to support us.
Had supper at some restaurant (can't remember the name) It's just at the entrance of Liang Court, opposite MacDonald's
Their services suck seriously, please don't go to that restaurant and eat.
After supper, went for Kbox Session ^^
Had lots lots lots of fun!
Hitomi's voice is very nice!!!
I thought it was the song playing but actually she was singing! Omg!
Yutaki and Eric was so funny too. Haha

After Kbox Session, we went home.

Day 7
Last day of event at Liang Court!
Almost late again.
Had Sushi for lunch! ^^
Dinner at some restaurant at Liang Court (can't remember the name -.-)
After work, went for L4D2 session with Hitomi, Moe, Miyu, Haru, Hiroshi and Jim.
Went home after that.

Here's some videos we took during the event.
Renai Circulation dance by Moe-chan (:

My Love is a Stapler sang by Miyu-chan and guitar by Feru-chan

Moe Mahou Game Time!

That's all for now~~