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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Strong is Beautiful

We girls are always chasing beauty and fashion and we may make every effort to achieve our goals. But we have to keep in mind that we always do it in a healthy way. 
Doing sports is one of the best ways to keep fit and make our body in good condition. I love sports and also like to watch some sport competitions.

Do you know that WTA is coming to Singapore soon? 
As this big event is the main focus of the sport lover and it is difficult to get the entrance. There's actually a wonderful platform to obtain the WTA tickets easily so that we can use this opportunity to get a good look about the attractive tennis girl players. 

We envy that the girl tennis players can maintain such good shape thanks to the exercise they do. However, some girls like me, do not like the traditional ways of doing sports like running or playing basketball because the weather is just too hot outside! But the indoor aerobic exercises are quite limited too. 

I would like to present you a trendy sport called paddle tennis. All the function is similar to tennis but it is played inside in a smaller field so that you can enjoy the strength of tennis without exerting too much and exposing under the sun. 

It derives from Latin America and is very popular in Europe and it is getting popular also in Asia. This kind of sport is very beneficial for girls because it can cultivate our sense of rhythm and balance ability of the body and in this way we can increase our elegance. In addition, we can also make a lot of friends by playing paddle with the people who have the same hobby.

Let us all girls who love to do exercise and enjoy the fun of the sports and to keep fit in a healthy way. Take action now and be a healthy beauty.

Love life, love sports! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Look! By Jerry from Headlines Hairdressing

For the past 1 year with Headlines Hairdressing, I've been getting my hair perm or straighten every few months. Thinking about it, I have decided to go for a change!

Since my fringe have been long all along, I've decided to cut it short and go back to my previous hairstyle.
Going for a younger look!

So yup, firstly, it's a Before photo.

My hair is quite dry since I haven't really been taking care of it lately.

Got the ends cut off for lesser layers.

Next is DYNA Treatment, getting my hair straight.
Totally love this treatment because it doesn't damage my hair while getting it straighten naturally. DYNA treatment is able to straighten the hair that makes it look very natural unlike rebonding which makes your hair extremely straight and kind of flat.

DYNA treatment contains Argan Oil which is beneficial for your hair as it contains Vitamin E and fatty acid.
There are so many benefits of Argan Oil. It conditions the hair, prevents the hair from getting damaged, calms frizzy hair, etc, etc, etc. 

The whole treatment took around 3 hours, and another hour to get my hair dyed.
I've changed my hair color to Ash Brown with a hint of green in it.

Here's the results!
Healthier and naturally straight hair.

Ash Brown hair with a hint of green. You can actually see it in this photo.
Loving my new hair color ! :)

Hair ends.

Short fringe and shorter, healthier hair.

Side view.

I think I look 18 now. Haha.

Here's my stylist, Jerry!
He's very friendly and very meticulous, always never fail to maintain my healthy hair!
As you know, I always get my hair dyed one in awhile, getting my hair straight or curled every few months. Without Jerry's help my hair would be all frizzy and damaged.

Book your appointment with Jerry now!

Do quote "Jasmine Ong" to get 10% discount for DYNA treatment and 15% discount off all other hair services (excluding promotions).
Do visit their Facebook page below for upcoming promotions!

Headline Hairdressing will be opening up a new branch at Tanjong Pagar in October 2014. Jerry will be stationed at the Tanjong Pagar branch afterwards. Do contact him via his mobile from Oct 2014 onwards (Details below)

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 10 Anson Rd, #03-32 International Plaza (Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central (Nearest MRT: Chinatown)
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua (Off-day: Tuesday)

View all my previous hair services at Headlines Hairdressing here:

Kife's 21st!

Celebrated Kife's 21st Birthday awhile back!

Been friends with him since Secondary school, which was like 6-7 years ago? Back when he was still.. *uh hum* vertically challenged, if you get what I mean. Lol.

Anyway, we hung out together for awhile before we left to Jupiter.
Here's some pictures we took! *sorry for the quality, aha*
Mr. Ming came over too.

My girlfriend that I've known for the longest time! Like about.. 15 years?
Not from the same Secondary school though.

Girlfriend no. 2! Bitchy as ever girl. :X

Wefie with Birthday boy.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trick Eye Museum

Headed down to Trick Eye Museum on a weekday two weeks back to avoid the crowd.
Here's my companion for the day. Nah, just kidding.

I went there with Mr. Ming and his friend on a Friday.
Friday's crowd is quite okay and we had to wait about 15-20 minutes before getting in.
I would recommend you all to visit Mon-Thurs instead as I assume the crowd might be lesser.

When I was there, I realized that I've made two mistakes which totally killed the whole trip.
Mistake 1:  I left my camera's memory card at home. Totally sucks to be me and I had to use my iPhone throughout the whole trip.

Mistake 2: I wore skirt. -_- Seriously?
See. This is epic fail.

Anyway enjoy the pictures and pardon the quality!

Ready to fly~~~

Mermaid me, trying to act feminine. Haha

Mr. Ming and friends!


We took about slightly less than 30 mins because I can't take some of the pictures ):
In case you're wondering how much is the ticket, it cost 25 bucks. There is no time limit in the museum but there is no re-entry and no toilet inside. 

Here are some tips for you if you decide to go to the museum.
1. For ladies, please wear shorts or pants. Skirts? No-no. Do bring a hairband along because some images spoils the picture if your hair is long and you're going to rotate the pictures (see above)

2. You'll need try out certain angles for the picture to turn out right.

3. Go in groups, so you can help each other take pictures.

Lastly, do avoid weekends as it might take as long as 1-2 hours to queue before you get into the museum and you might have to wait for your turn to take the pictures since there are a lot of people inside.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to ABC! Mucota ABC Treatment By Headlines Hairdressing

It has been awhile since I've went back to Headlines Hairdressing after I did my DYNA Perm Treatment there. Have been a little lazy recent as the weather is too hot to travel out!
In case you missed out my previous post, you can read more below: 

Here I am back to do the ABC Treatment. As usual, back to ABC!

ABC Treatment is one of the essential treatment for damaged hair! It is 3 step treatment which locks moisture in our hair and prevent frizzy and damaged hair!

Before photo.

The lower 15cm of your hair is very fragile which needs regular maintenance.

For the past 1 year that I've been with Headlines Hairdressing. They have been using Mucota products to treat my hair which has quite a significant improvement.

This photo was taken around April last year after my perm. 

This was taken this year in January after my DYNA treatment.
See the difference?

Definitely have to try it yourself to see the difference. Miracle doesn't happen overnight, however with Mucota treatments, it's definitely a route to healthier and glossy hair!

Done with my hair!

Pardon my expression :X

Do quote "Jasmine Ong" to get 10% discount for DYNA treatment and 15% discount off all other hair services (excluding promotions).
Do visit their Facebook page below for upcoming promotions!

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central (Nearest MRT: Chinatown)
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua (Off-day: Tuesday)