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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Korea Vita Glow Facial - Atlas Medical

Dear all, Atlas Medical is having a special promotion for their Vita Glow Facial from Korea!

*New* Vita Glow Facial *New*
$68 for 60 mins of pampering Korean massage medical grade vitamins for your skin! 

Call up their friendly concierge at 67350996 to enquire for more details!

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Closing date on 31 May 2015.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dylan's Wedding

Attended Bf's Brother's Wedding at Intercontinental Hotel last week.
Pardon the quality of pictures. Camera is too huge for my bag. Haha~

Bae looks like an oldie with this hairdo.

Congratulations to this new couple :)

Some pictures taken.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Oriole Cafe & Bar

It was late lunch so we ate a little at Oriole Cafe & Bar located at 313 Somerset
Another place found through Burpple App and because they sell waffles here too!
As you know, I really love waffles and I have high expectation for it.

It must not be chewy, which means that it is kind of under cooked.
It should be at least a little crispy at the side and best if it's buttermilk waffles.

So anyway since I wasn't hungry so I ordered waffles only since it's carbs and makes me full.

Bf Ming ordered Risotto.

Ordered truffle fries for sides.

It took quite a while before the food comes and the food are bad ):
The waffles is totally (or TOO) chewy but doesn't taste bad so I still managed to eat two of it.
There are nuts at the side which I have no idea what nuts are those because it taste literally like powdered sugar. Too much of it.

Risotto is bad too. Taste so weird like mushroom mixed with some weird smelly ingredients. Haha.
Can't really describe the taste though. Bf ate less than half and gave up.

Truffle fries was fine but doesn't have much truffle taste. Could be better if they add some cheese on top.

My verdict? No. Will never visit them again.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Chotto Matte

Had cravings for Japanese food so I searched Burpple and found a restaurant called "Chotto Matte"
I think that app is seriously amazing! I can totally find all my cravings inside there and it's like an instagram for food. Haha.

Mr. Ming and I went over for dinner. It was quite a small restaurant located at some "ulu" place.
We took the outside seats instead.

Like literally beside the road as you can see. Haha

We asked for some recommendations from the chef as we were not sure what to order.
While waiting, let's take a selfie. Oops :P

Sashimi Platter. Customized mixed platter by the chef.

The sashimi are so fresh and juicy!

Pork Belly (I think?)
Not bad though.

King Oyster Mushroom. Very chewy and juicy!

Main course.
Chargrill Kurobuta with Horenso Sauce
This is really good! Dipped in a special sauce which I'm not sure what is that.
It taste like a lighter and sweet version of satay sauce.
Must try this dish!

Angel's Hair with Seaweed, Uni and Deep Fried Sakura Ebi
This is quite spicy and taste more like a western dish.
The baby shrimps are all over the pasta, like 30% baby shrimps and 70% pasta. 

The services were great, the staff are very friendly and approachable but the location might not be that accessible.
Price wised is considered quite expensive however the quality of food is superb.
Our total bill was about $230 (include GST and service charge)
Previously I had a review on Kudeta's dinner menu and I would say this is much more worth it to dine here than at Kudeta. Just that the drawback is the location, and the restaurant is quite small itself.
I would consider to come back but not so often as the price is a little steep,

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Birthday Dinner at Kudeta

Celebrated my birthday at Kudeta, with just a simple dinner with Bf Ming :)
Since it was our first time there, we asked the staff to recommend us some dishes.

Here's what we ordered.
Half Dozen Oysters on Ice 

It's so yummy!

Cripsy-sticky Baby Squid
This is too chewy especially for me since I have braces.

Salmon Sashimi

Spicy Fried Mushrooms
This is really yummy.

Seared Salmon Black Pepper Coated 

Grilled Baby Chicken Teriyaki 

The mains are cold dishes, (not really cold, but it is not hot) and we're not used to it so we did not managed to finish it.

Next was desserts! It was getting dark and the restaurants do not have much lighting so they use a mini light for us to look at the menu

Not a really good idea as I had astigmatism so it kind of hurts my eyes ):

We managed to ordered two desserts,

Coconut-Pandan Verrine
The foam is actually pandan and it taste so yummy! It comes with a coconut ice cream and the yellow thing as the bottom is really sour ~.~

Chocolate Fondant.
Didn't know that Mr. Ming went to ask the person to do this. :)

Both of the desserts are so yummy. Totally love simple birthday dinners instead of a huge celebration.
Never really celebrated my birthday except for my 21st last year as I find it quite a hassle to organize one.

Would I re-visit Kudeta again? Maybe not.
There is a minimum spending requirement of SGD$80 per pax for dinner which I find that the food aren't that worth the price.
However I might visit that place to chill out and have some drinks at the bar as the place has a great view.