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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Atlas Medical Clinic by Dr. SM Yuen: Consultation

Visited Atlas Medical few days back for a consultation with Dr. SM Yuen.

The staff were all so friendly and greeted me with a smile when I walked in.
They used to be located at Ngee Ann City Tower B Level 13, but they relocated to Level 24 while the 13th floor is used for MediSpa Treatments.

Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic uses Korean surgical and non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to tackle a variety of problems ranging from aesthetic dermatology to cosmetic enhancements.

Their new clinic is much bigger and more cozy.

It looks so clean and classy.

Resting area for customers while waiting.

DR. SM Yuen was awarded the Asia Excellence Award 2014.

They even have makeup area for customers.

The last time I visited them was about a year ago and my skin has gotten quite bad for the past one year. A few main concerns about my face is my pores (clogged and huge pores) and freckles which I highlighted to them.

The staff brought me to a room to cleanse my face first before the consultation.
After that I was brought to the consultation room to wait for DR. SM Yuen.

DR. Yuen highlighted that the "freckles" I was talking about was actually a type of pigmentation that is deeper into the skin so it is a little harder to remove.
He recommended a few treatments for my skin condition; Facial (MediSpa), Laser Toning and a Cream to treat my pores, dull skin and pigmentation.

After the consultation, I went to the makeup area to put on some makeup before heading out :)
It is really convenient for ladies.

Booked my next appointment for laser next week!
Stay tune for my next updates!

Atlas Medical will be offering special rates for their products and services to my readers by simply quoting my name "Jasmine Ong". Do contact them for more details!

391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #24-08/10
Singapore 238874
Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
Fax : (65) 6734 9685

Opening Hours
Mon - Tues: 10:00am to 6.30pm
Wed: 10:00am to 8pm
Thurs - Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm
Sat: 10:00am to 1.30pm 
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tokyo Bust Express

Hey everyone!

Was invited to drop by Tokyo Bust Express to try out their treatments for bust enhancement last week.

I always believed that bust is one of the important asset that woman should have.
Or maybe that's how you differentiate between a male and a female. Haha~

Before I visited the place I actually heard of the company before from some of friends but I never really give a second thought to it as I find that it is similar to those hair loss or slimming treatments which you pay for the price but not really sure if it would really work for you.

Tokyo Bust Enhancement is the leading bust enhancement specialist in Singapore. They provide 100% natural ingredients such as soy-infused treatments combined with advanced technology and traditional Japanese massage techniques. One of the main ingredients, organic soybeans extracts contains phyto-nutrients that helps to stimulate female hormones and aid in optimal bust development

The treatments are not just for aesthetic appeal but also health purposes – by boosting circulation, these treatments help in lymphatic drainage. 

For me, I don't have any major concern about my bust, but it would be good to at least maintain it as you know, when age kicks in.. it would be too late!

I went for the outlet at Novena Square after work and there seems to be quite a few people waiting there. The place is quite small actually but it was still quite cozy.

After some time, one of the specialist brought me into a room for a short consultation.

One thing I was quite surprised was that I always thought that ladies should try not wear bras at home to let your boobs "breathe" but it was a misconception as I was told that when you do not wear a bra often your boobs would get more and more wider apart!! Ladies take note!

So anyway it was kind of awkward during the specialist as you know, they will need to look at your boobs to check what needs to be improved on but don’t worry, the specialists were professional about it.
The consultation suggests that I would need to do some firming and detox treatments!
Oh, and recently they had launched a Tokyo Slim Line so I was given a complimentary slimming treatment which I chose my arms!

Was lead to a small and cozy room for my treatment!

Basically, I was given these treatments:

Rejuvenating Detox Scrub
Helps to clean off dead skin to give you a fairer and tender decollete, and also aids in boosting your circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. This treatment also helps to prep your bust area for better absorption of your next treatments.

TT Push-Up Therapy
Uses a purifying essence as a base for better penetration of treatment. It also replenishes the bust area with essential nutrients to help in lymphatic drainage and cell repairing

Detox-me Massage
The massage is a relaxing Japanese-inspired massage technique to help boost bust circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is for detoxifying purposes and especially good for ladies with armpit fats as those fats are due to all the toxins trapped in our lymph nodes.
Not to forget, to stimulate our mammary glands to enhance and firm up the breast.

Bust-up Therapy
Helps in shaping of breasts, evens out breast size and shortens gap between breasts for a fuller and sexier cleavage. This treatment also has an added perky effect so your bust looks fuller and rounder!

It was my first time doing bust enhancement treatments so it was kind of awkward at first. The massage did hurt a little at first as the specialist mentioned that this would help to firm up the breast and improve blood circulation. After awhile I got use to the pressure so it was still alright.

I did ask a lot of questions during the treatment and the specialist was really friendly and answer all my queries. Was quite skeptical about the results but surprisingly it did work! The bust area is much more fuller.

Before the treatment we took some measurements and after the treatment it did showed that it did get firmer and the gap between the breast is much smaller.

Tokyo Slim Treatment
As the name says, it helps to target unwanted flabs while enjoying your bust treatment!
I chose to do it on my arms as I have still have a little fats on my arms due to playing sports when I was young (it turned from muscles to fats!!!!)
It hurts a little and was fine after a few minutes. There is a slight difference in just one session and I believe it will be more significant after a few more sessions :)

After the treatments, I was given a CNY pack for the CNY Special!

It includes a Bust Essence which is similar to the products used in the treatments, customized to suit different bust needs.

Also, Tokyo Bust Express is the presenter of Star Awards 2015! 
Tokyo Bust Express is having an Exclusive Chinese New Year Promotion all the way up to March!

MAKE A Chinese New Year Wish and stand a chance to win a SPECIAL TOKYO BUST EXPRESS TREATMENT SET WORTH $918
1 Lucky participant will win a Playnomore Shy Girl Bag!

Terms and Conditions:
  • Only for females 18 years old and above, without Eczema or other skin conditions
  • Strictly by appointment only.
  • Limited to one redemption per customer
  • Promotion valid for 2 months

Tokyo Bust Express Outlets
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539

Park Mall
9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459

Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083

Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506

For more information do visit Tokyo Bust Express or call 6262 6161 to make an enquiry or to book an appointment !

Terms and Conditions:
  • Only for females 18 years old and above, without Eczema or other skin conditions
  • Strictly by appointment only.
  • Promotion valid for 2 months

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bangkok Trip

Hey everyone! It's been awhile.
Took me so long to draft out this post as it has been a very busy year for me!

Celebrated New Year's countdown in Bangkok with my friends !
It was my virgin trip to Bangkok (or Thailand) actually. Haha

Since it's New Year's Eve so I only worked for half a day, I went straight to the airport after work to walk around! :)

It was kind of a shopping trip rather than a New Year Celebration and I actually forgot about the new year part till I was told. Lol. Blur me~

We reach at night and rush back to the hotel to quickly wash up.
We stayed at Amanta Hotel and Residences. One part is used as a hotel and another part is for residents, so as the name says.. Lol.

It is pretty spacious, and has all the facilities such as washing machine, kitchen, etc. although we didn't get to use those.

Did I mention the bathroom is huge?!

Not to forget the bedroom.

As comfy as it looks. :)

We rushed off to celebrate the New Year at a restaurant in a hotel (can't remember the name)

No pictures, only a selfie~ Oops! Sorry~

Oh, and at wee hours we were watching people dancing.

Sorry if it spoiled your breakfast/lunch/dinner :X
That was.... errr.... is that a girl or a guy? There seems to be a lot of people very hyped up about them and keep stuffing notes into their dresses.

Started our second day at "After You" Cafe, located at J-Avenue.
Do check out that area as there are quite a few cafes out there!

The Menu.

These are what we ordered.

Original Mille Crepe

Matcha Latte

Vanilla Latte

French Toast with Ice-cream

Banana Pancake.
I thought this was pancake served with banana but they actually made the pancakes using the bananas.

The food are really yummy and we couldn't finish it but the matcha latte is a little too sweet to my liking. The cafe is quite small but quite cosy and clean. Price wise is a little pricey for a cafe in Thailand so I might consider again if I would come. Maybe yes, but not so often.

Went walking around malls nearby our hotel and headed back to rest for awhile.

Prepared ourselves and went out for dinner.

Visited a temple after dinner. Seems like a popular one as there were quite many people.

Next stop, Lebua!

Seems to be one of the popular attractions. A lot of Caucasian gathered to enjoy the view from the restaurant.
It was quite impressive actually.

Tried out many different kinds of stinky cheese!

Oh, in case you want to visit this place, there is a dress code for this restaurant so do take note!

Day 3, time for shopping!
Went to Chatuchak and bought lots of clothes!

Coconut Ice-Cream. Must try!!! Totally love it even though I don't really like to eat coconut.
This is really awesome.

Garlic Bread, Condensed Milk Bread and Sugar Bread. Really yummy!!
Do try their orange juice too!!

Bought quite a few clothes back from Bangkok but I kind of regretted it.
The people in Thailand are more petite size as compared to Singapore so I couldn't fit in some of the clothes and the dresses are tad small so I had to give away some ):
Oh in case you're wondering, you can't try the sizes in the store and it will be quite troublesome to try to find a toilet so usually people would buy and go.

I would recommend you guys to shop at Platinum mall as the quality of the clothes are better than Chatuchak though you have to pay a little more but you pay for what you get!
It cost about 100-150 baht which is around SGD$4-6 which is really really cheap!
Not sure about the authenticity but it works fine for me.
 Can't remember if they have the scratch off authenticity code or not.

I'm wearing one in this photo.

Would definitely go back to shop for more clothes since everything is so much cheaper there and you can get some really good clothes (good material and design!) at relatively cheaper prices!

However it seems to be quite unstable as I've heard a bomb set off at one of the malls in Bangkok.

Till then.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Leviva Luckystone

Have been looking around for bracelets recently and I was introduced to an online store called Leviva Luckystone

Leviva specialized in customized bracelets which are made of stone beads. They have a large variety of stones to choose from which ranges from different color to different quality of stones. 

I saw the pastel pink ones online and it's so pretty so I got one customized for myself. The results turned out to be so preeeeeeettyyy!!
Isn't it ? 

Here's a closeup picture.

Totally in love with the bracelet. Looks so pinky girly~ Weee~~

What is special about Leviva is that you can customize how you would like it to be and choose the quality of the stones.
You can also choose your pendants or even bring your own favourite charms to add along to your bracelet! They have quite a variety of pendants for you to choose from. 
Of course there are a few standard pieces and some of them are just so pretty!!

Here are some designs that I like
(Pictures gotten from their Facebook page)
Some of these pictures are actually from customers' customization.

This looks yummy! Nomnomnom... 

Oh wait, these bracelets are not just for ladies, there are designs of guys too! Guys can also customize your favorite pieces!

Did I mentioned that there are different meanings for each stones?

For my bracelet, they are rose quartz stones which means "unconventional love". It gives hearts to all kind of love (love for self, families, friends, relationships, etc). It helps balance emotions, lowering stress, bring peace and release all the negative emotions to allow the heart to heal.

Leviva is currently having a promotion for my readers! Yay! :)
Get your bracelets now at 10% discount off by quoting "Jasmine Ong

More details can be found at their Facebook Page at Leviva LuckyStone (Link below)

Happy Chinese New Year!